Redistricting game begins

Since Ward 5 is too small, I doubt the BACA area will be moved, but who knows? I snagged this post from the Shaw list serv.  The website application allowing everyone to redistrict themselves is very cool. Check it it out:

On Friday, the Census Bureau released its detailed population estimates for the District of Columbia. This process kicks off the decennial debate over redrawing DC’s wards. The boundaries of 2, 7, and 8 will have to shift, which will likely affect some of the other wards as well.

To encourage more resident input, I’ve created a web application that lets you do the redistricting yourself. You can see the populations and boundaries of each ward and click to move areas between wards until they balance out.

I will be aggregating all of the maps and recommendations from residents to create a report for the DC Council. I hope that many of you will take a few minutes to make your own map, both because it’s fun and also to ensure we have a wide range of resident views for the analysis.

I especially want to have a lot of input from Ward 2, since some part of Ward 2 will have to go to another ward, and my analysis will specifically look at Ward 2 residents’ attitudes on that. You can also share the map you create with your friends via email, twitter, facebook, and more.


Also see the DC census date here:

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