3 thoughts on “More Redistricting Information

  1. I am thinking that we in the BACA neighborhood should take a stand on where we’d like to be if we are to move and be advocating our position. Do neighbors have any preference? Maybe we should run a poll?


    1. I think a poll would be interesting, although from the census data it looks like we are likely to stay in ward-5. ANC changes are more likely, maybe a poll on alternatives there?

    2. Caryn – Mike is correct regarding the Ward 5 is not likely to shrink as the only 2 Wards with growth were Ward 2 and Ward 6. What may happen most likely is that Ward 2 will shrink, which means BACA and Shaw could join. Depending on where Ward 2 and 6 are reduced, we may either stay Ward 5 or go to Ward 6. If you notice the committee is composed of 2 at Large and Ward 2 Council Members with little to gain from redistricting. Desirable neighborhoods with economic development, low crimes, and active progressive community members are usually the ones that Council members fight to win in the redistricting. This is why I am ensuring our community has a high profile with key Council Members. If you have not noticed, Phil Mendelson was at our last BACA meeting. Councilmember Michael Brown has had a representative at our last four meetings. I am trying to get Jack to come next.

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