LAYC canvassing again trying to re-start Cook School effort

Two people (a man and a woman named Susan) from the LAYC stopped by my home earlier this evening trying to get me to sign a petition stating support of the LAYC at the JF Cook School!  They were going door to door down our street until my husband and I pretty much followed them around house to house claiming they are falsely advertising the LAYC to the community and asked them to leave our street which they did.  They were also passing out flyers that state the “so called benefits” the LAYC would bring.  What is this about?!  Did anyone else see these people canvassing the area?  Is this item being reconsidered again by the DC Council?  I thought this was a dead issue and these schools were now being looked at to be re-zoned for commercial and residential development that would actually generate revenue for the city.  Interestingly enough, I asked Susan if she lived in the area and understands the issues the surrounding neighborhood faces to understand why I wouldn’t want to the Section 8 housing that the school will bring and she said “clearly not” almost laughing at the thought of living in this neighborhood.  Pretty insulting as I am proud to live here and it was clear to me that the LAYC is really only interested in their own agenda and NOT the neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “LAYC canvassing again trying to re-start Cook School effort

  1. Contrary to what LAYC would like you to believe, the city has to go back to the drawing board and either re-issue the disposition, or re-open the rfp process. In the face of a pending small area plan, if the city re-issues the award to LAYC it’s clear proof our neighborhood has been designated the social service ward of the city.

    The disregard by their supporters for our neighborhood is no surprise. It was clearly evident during the hearing last December when one of the non-profits groups testifying in support stated that LAYC didn’t need to change and we(the community) just needed to be educated more. It was also interesting to note, none of the non-profit supporters lived anywhere close to this area.

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