Dog Park Fundraiser

The Bloomingdale LeDroit Park is opening this month. The Park includes: 2 playgrounds, covered pavilion, walking path, field, work out areas, garden plots, dog park, and a Capital Bike Share station. This park is 4 blocks away from the Bates Area.

Please join the Bloomingdale LeDroit Park Association for a fundraiser this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Dog Park Fundraiser

  1. I just saw the draft list of prizes for the Bloomingdale LeDroit Dog Park Association fundraiser.
    4-6PM this Sunday.
    Rustik Tavern, 1st and T Streets NW

    Personal Training Sessions
    photo session
    Tax help
    Weekend rentals
    Many, many, many local gift certificates.

    Great prizes for all. A dog is not need to play, of course!

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