BACA Party Planner Needed

Know how to plan a great community party? We need you!!!!! The following are 3 upcoming community events needing volunteers to help coordinate:

Flower Power 2011 – neighborhood front yard, back yard, and tree box contest. The contest allows neighbors do see and vote on the best of the best gardens and yards in our neighborhood followed by a fun reception. Need to organize the neighborhood walk, collect nominations, plan the reception and sell tickets for the event.

4th of July Party – ANC 5C has secured theMcKinleyTechSchool (onT ST NE) with those great views of The Capitol and fireworks. BACA will have a celebration stand with food and refreshments for BACA members. Event is free of charge.

Neighborhood Block Party – National Night Out, Tuesday, August 2nd. A celebration and crime awareness event. This event brings out MPD and other law enforcement agencies to our community. We are planning to have a block closed off for a neighborhood party with food, games, rock climbing wall, and other vehicles brought in by MPD. Event is free of charge to community, we need to seek a few business sponsors.

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