One Person Can Make It Happen

Over two years ago, a neighbor at the 100 block ofP ST NWbegan a quest to have speed humps placed on the 100 and 200 block ofP ST NW. She collected all the required signatures, filled out the right application and ANC support. All looked great, especially after DDOT sent a notice saying all was good and humps will be installed.

 Months went by and no speed humps. That determined resident followed up with her ANC, with DDOT with other city officials. The finger pointing began at City Hall and so did the reasons why no speed humps could be installed. Reasons varied from: the person that approved them is no longer here and should have never approved them to P ST is aFederal Streetand it can’t be done. The neighbor never gave up. I joined this neighbor on this quest for what seemed to be a lost cause.

 I provided all the documents to the Mayor’s Liaison (when Fenty was still Mayor) and the excuses continued and than, a new ANC came to the picture; Commissioner Bradley Thomas. Commissioner Thomas added this issue to the 1st ANC Agenda after his swearing into office (February 2011) and had the ANC pass a resolution to support the speed hump application. DDOT was called to appear in front of the ANC to address the issue. DDOT acknowledged that DDOT had failed to address the application appropriately two years ago and that the ANC should have been notified of DDOT’s finding. DDOT re-activated the application.

 DDOT began giving Commissioner Thomas all the reasons (some new) as to why P ST could not get speed humps. A new reason was because P ST is a feeder street (serves as an alternative to major streets asNY AvenueorFlorida Avenue). Commissioner Thomas did not accept those reasons as he had evidence of other feeder streets having speed humps installed, including feeder streets that have bus routes going through them. Finally, in May of 2011, less than 5 months after Commissioner Thomas brought life to the issue, speed humps have been installed.

 So if you now can cross the 100 or 200 block of P ST NW without fear of being run over by a speeding vehicle or if you live on those blocks and are no longer awaken by the sounds of cars going at 60 miles per hour in the middle of the night, you should than that neighbor and our Commissioner. That neighbor is Kathy Davis.

 This is why it is critical for all of us to get involved, even if only in one issue. If 50 of us became involved and took a cause, imaging all we can fix. So I ask you to please get involved.


 Geovani Bonilla

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