Bloomingdale Organic Gardening Company

From the Eckington Listserve:

Two long term DC residents, Meredith and Saren, have just initiated a home
organic gardening company based out of Bloomingdale. It’s called Love & Carrots,
and their goal is to expand the local food movement into residential backyards,
thereby getting more people to experience the benefits of home grown.

They offer custom organic garden design, installation, and maintenance
services– but that only underlies a new, unique and more hands on approach to
gardening services that is intended to making home gardening as
“un-overwhelming” and “un-intimidating” as possible. They additionally
teach gardening basics to adults and kids, provide services like harvesting if
customers are away, and to top it off, they will preserve/can your extra garden
produce for healthy eating all winter!

Here’s a website you can check out:
LoveandCarrots. com

You’ll see on the website that they are putting in a pro-bono garden for Cardozo
High School to kick things off. It’s about time the DC area sees a company like

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