Would You Like to See this New Development go Up on Florida and N. Capitol St NW?

On Tuesday, July 5th Special Meeting, the ANC voted to extend the PUD for this project for 2 more years. This additional time for the developer to secure the funding to develop teh project. The project would be located at 1600 N. Capitol St (the lot curently fenced in by the triangle park) as well as some adjacent properties.

This project would transform that corner of N. Capitol Street, so definitely one to watch.

7 thoughts on “Would You Like to See this New Development go Up on Florida and N. Capitol St NW?

  1. Mike – you would need to see the entire plan. Remember, this is most of that block. So not much different that the new Safeway on 5th St.

  2. Disappointing. The architecture seems very bland. Let’s put up buildings that look exactly like every other building built in the last 10 years. I don’t really feel strongly, however I am just disappointed overall in the quality of architecture of new buildings that I see in this city. Admittedly I am a fan of older historic buildings, but I think new buildings can liven things up and add to the character of a place, playing off of older nearby buildings and the natural space. The lack of originality in these brick and glass buildings with their little overhang thingie on the top (what is that for? decoration?) is pretty disappointing. I’ve seen this same building basically not just all over the suburbs but also in DC.

  3. Yes! its cool. If you can keep unwanted undesisrable people out! What about a DC Dept. of Employment services office be stationed there to help people get jobs….

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