New Playground on P ST

The Associates for Renewal in Education is getting a new playground next to their building on the unit block of P st. The playground is a partnership between John Carlson of the Washington Capitols, Elliot Segal from DC101 and KaBOOM!

A video press release is available here

Does anyone have any other information, and more importantly, will this be open the community or is it just for ARE use?

4 thoughts on “New Playground on P ST

  1. I attended the kick-off on Wednesday and volunteered to serve on the Recruitment Committee and the Public Relations Committee. This is a great community project which is going to involve over 200 volunteers, including neighborhood residents and local sports stars. I will be disseminating information shortly and soliciting volunteers from B.A.C.A. and the various homeowner and community organizations in our area. Stay tuned.

  2. Commissioner Thomas, look forward to getting details from you and supporting this project. Geovani Bonilla, BACA

  3. Sign Up to Help Build the New Playground at 45 P Street NW

    I am a local parent who is excited about the new playground that will be built at the Associates for Renewal in Education (ARE) facility at 45 P Street NW. The playground will be open to the public when school is not in session so it will be a great benefit for kids in the neighborhood. I talked with the project manager from Kaboom to get some more details.

    Volunteers are needed to help build the playground on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 8:30 am-2:30 pm. You can sign up to volunteer and to receive updates from Kaboom at No building experience is required, and gloves, dust masks and sunscreen will be provided for volunteers. There will be supervision for youth with some activities, but I don’t know the age range for the kids who will be supervised.

    ARE has served the DC area for more than 30 years, and the organization provides child care and pre-kindergarten classes at 45 P Street NW. You can read more about ARE at I hope our community gets behind this project and rolls up our sleeves to help! Another playground would be a great addition to the neighborhood.


    Brendan L. Smith

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