[Dunbar Shaw] Dunbar High School Demolition/Reconstruction

On Jul 30, 2011, at 3:42 AM, Olivia Padilla <olivia.padilla@gmail.com> wrote:

 Dear Neighbors,

I attended the Zoning Commission Hearing regarding the variance the city requested for parking around the new building site.

The meeting was really interesting. I was the only person in attendance, with the exception of a couple who live on 1st Street.

Just to give everyone who doesn’t know a bit of an idea of the schedule:

1. They will break ground for the new school building at the corner of 1st and N in September. It will take them almost 2 years to build the school.
2. They will begin demolition of the old school in September of 2013.
3. The football field will be where the school is presently.
4. O street will be completely a through-street with parking on both sides.
5. The new school WILL have an underground parking garage, which will be accessible from the new O Street.
6. They will have an 8-lane 25 meter swimming pool.
7. The area behind my house, which is now a weird parking lot/loading area will be a secondary sports field that will be used for practice/soccer.
8. I believe that the alley behind my house will become a dead-end alley (the entrance on 3rd street won’t be there anymore).
9. The church that is currently using Armstrong will be moved out to Landover by the time the new school opens.

It was really helpful to get the flyer in my door about this zoning hearing. I’m not sure who left it there, but I wouldn’t have known anything about the hearing without the flyer. The zoning commissioner encouraged me to get in touch with my ANC representative to see if I can be a member of the school planning committee.

If anyone knows how I can do this, please let me know.



2 thoughts on “[Dunbar Shaw] Dunbar High School Demolition/Reconstruction

  1. For anyone who is interested, there is a meeting tonight regarding the new Dunbar High School construction project.
    When: Tuesday, August 2nd @ 5pm
    Where: Library of the Dunbar HIgh School

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