Bundy Field update at 400 b/o P St

See this post from Martin, CCCA President: Vendor selected, completion date available soon

Wed, 08/17/2011 – 12:42 — via CCCA PrezA vendor has been selected and initial survey and design work is set to begin next week on the renovation of the athletic fields at Bundy on the 400 block of P St NW. This shared use project will serve KIPP DC’s Shaw Campus students and local residents primarily, and other guests who sign up for use of the facility. Contract details will be finalized once designs are completed and approved. After that time a more detailed schedule for completion will be available. Work should only require between 30 and 60 days to complete. When completed, we’ll have a local state of the art soccer, lacrosse, softball field and separate dog park which can be used year round requiring only a fraction of the maintenance cost that the current field needed. US Soccer will eventually be providing on site soccer camps for all local young people.

A vendor infomercial on the type of turf that will be installed.
Thank you ANC2C, Counciilmember Jack Evans, KIPP DC, and The US Soccer Foundation for making this possible.


10 thoughts on “Bundy Field update at 400 b/o P St

  1. Really fantastic news. Any idea what surface will be used in the dog park? Looking back over the last few years, I can find debate between gravel (like LeDroit’s dog park)and K-9 turf (as they have at 17/S) but no final decision. Either way, I’m beyond excited to see this realized!

    1. I got this update: The dog park will be on the north (P St) side of the current Bundy athletic fields which will not be needed for the lacrosse/soccer/softball fields. I’ll fwd the map once the new plans are done. It’s not huge, but shld make a lot of folks happy. The dog park will have the same turf as the new fields (no pea gravel) and will be fenced in to avoid projectiles from the sport fields.

  2. This is terrible news. I’m no fan of DC, but that park was the one place I could go where I didn’t feel chlaustrophobic, didn’t have to make conversation with strangers, could let the dog run (without having to deal with other people’s dogs), and could be more or less unregulated, untaxed, and unbothered. To put it simply, it was the ONE place in this entire godforsaken hellhole of a city where I could feel the slightest modicum of peace. In all the times I went there, I was only bothered one time by some guy who complained about my dog, despite the fact that I was carrying a plastic bag and picking up poo as necessary. “The sign says no dogs! My kids play here!” I should put a sign in front of my house that says “No kids dropping your crappy Capri-Sun wrappers in front of my house,” maybe provide the kids with a little caged area where they can run and drop their litter.

    And what’s this bs about the cost of upkeep? The only thing they ever did there was mow the lawn every couple of weeks, and the park attendant would show up (on the days he felt like it) to lock/unlock the gates. Whatever they put in its place will be far more expensive, far more restrictive, and far less convenient. This city sucks.

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