Petition to oppose liquor license for Full Yum

Neighbor Kyle sends the following:

Sign the petition below if you oppose the granting of another Class A Liquor License in our neighborhood. The application was made by Full Yum Carryout for a class A license, the type of license held by carry-out liquor stores. It is not the type of license held by restaurants or bars.

One thought on “Petition to oppose liquor license for Full Yum

  1. While I completely applaud and support the restriction of *yet* another liquor store in the neighborhood, unfortunately I don’t foresee this petition being able to be submitted to the ANC as a valid form of objection to the liquor license. After being part of the petition against the license at Capitol Food Mart we learned during the hearing any form of objection submitted that can not be verified by the form of a valid hard copy signature was instantly thrown out (yes, even emailed letters that were printed and presented were thrown out since there was not an actual signature on the letter). Unless they have eased their stance, any lawyer representing Full Yum will object to this and any other electronically submitted objection with the grounds as every “signature” couldn’t be verified. Again, I applaud the effort and am all on board for the restriction of any new liquor stores in the neighborhood, but the ANC only allows official petitions through their process allowed for objections for new licenses.

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