$140 Million in Redevelopment Projects Have Started in Our Community

$140 million dollars will begin to transform our community over the next twenty four months. These projects will help transform four key corners of our neighborhood.

$2.4 Million in parks and recreation.

During his time as Chair of the Parks and Recreations Committee, Council Member Thomas was able to allocate $1.4 million for the Florida Avenue Park. Renovations on the park begin in October of 2011 and are scheduled to be completed in November of 2011.

$1 million for the renovation of the New York Avenue Playground. This historic playground, the first integrated playground in the District of Columbia is overdue for a makeover. Renovations will begin in November 2011. The playground renovations will be completed in December and the recreation center renovations will be completed in the spring of 2012.

$112 Million Dunbar High School

The new Dunbar High School project will begin shortly. The project is currently under design review and input.

$25 – $30 Million for the M. M. Washington School Renovation

The M.M. Washington renovation project will help transform the unit block of O St. NW. The project will renovate this historic building into a senior housing complex. The complex will host a community center that can host up to 500 people and hold events. This project should break ground within a couple of months.

We would like to organize an Economic Development Committee to help coordinate between these projects, work with existing businesses, work with North Capitol Main Street and potential new businesses and investors. If you are interested in being Chair of his committee or serving on this committee, please contact Geovani A. Bonilla at gbonilla@hospicemanagement.com

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