Preliminary BACA November 7 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

7 PM, Mt. Sinai Church, 1615 3rd St NW

Entrance at the Corner of 3rd and Q ST NW (not main entrance)

 7:00 PM

I.          Meeting Called to Order                                             Geovani Bonilla, President

II.         Review of Last Meeting Minutes                                David Hall, Recording Secretary

III.                Treasurer Report                                                        Margaret Stevens

Special Guests           

7:15pm – 7:45pm

  1. Ms. Cynthia Simms, Community Resource Officer, ABRA

7:45pm – 8:00pm

  1. Ms. Katedra Sullivan, LGSW, Coordinator of Foster Parent Services, The National Center for Children and Families

8:00pm – 8:15pm

  1. Carl Thomas, Mayor’s Office Community Liaison

8:15pm – 8:30pm

  1. Council Member Harry Thomas, 2012 Ward 5 Legislative Update

8:30pm – 8:40pm

  1. Commissioner Bradley Thomas 5C01 Update

BACA Committee Updates

  1. Public Safety – Geovani Bonilla
  2. Friends of the Park – Jon Hasse and Brett Abrams
  3. Beautification and Land Use – Needs a Committee Chair
  4. Membership and Fund Raising – Needs a Committee Chair
  5. Business and Economic Development – needs a Committee Chair

XIV.          Standing Invitation (elected officials to be ranked by Civic Association at election time based on their participation and support of BACA community)

  1. Mayor’s Office
  2. Council Member’s Office
  3. Council Member at Large Office
  4. PSA 501 – Metropolitan Police
  5. ANC
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

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