Wishing You a Safe and Happy New Year

The Bates Area Civic Association Wishes you and your love ones a very safe, happy and joyous holiday season and new year.

 As some may be preparing to go away for the holidays, we wish to remind you to take the following safety precautions:

 1.      Stop newspaper deliveries. Newspapers piled up on your front door make your home a target for break ins.

2.      Stop mail delivery. You don’t want mail overflowing or the magazines and sales ads letting people know you’re out of town.

3.      Set your external lights on a timer. Leaving your external lights continuously indicates you’re not home during the day to turn them off.

4.      As a neighbor to hold any UPS/FedEx packages left at your door. Also to remove any flyers or menus left at your door.

5.      If it is too late to takes steps 1 – 3, ask your neighbor to do these things for you.

6.      Email MPD and let them know you’ll be away. You may notify the following

a.       Commander Andy Solberg at Andrew.solberg@dc.gov

b.      Lt. Ronald Wright at Ronald.Wright@dc.gov

7.      Let your alarm company you’re away and who the contact person is.


The basic precautions can help your return to a safe home after a lovely time with family.


Happy Holidays,

Bates Area Civic Association Board of Directors:

Geovani Bonilla, Miles Holloman, David Hall, Margaret Stevens, Bradley Thomas, Jon Hasse, Maryann Wilmer, Annetta Nicholas, and Brett Abrams.

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