Monday, January 9 Civic Association Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meeting Agenda

7 PM, Mt.SinaiChurch 3rd and Q ST NW

         (Corner entrance on 3rd and Q – Ring buzzer)

  I.          Meeting Called to Order                                             Geovani Bonilla, President

 II.         Review of Last Meeting Minutes                                David Hall, Secretary

 III.                Treasurer Report                                                        Margaret Stevens

 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM         

IV.               Committee Updates

a.      Safety – review of crime statistics and PSA 501 MPD update  

b.      Friends of the FloridaAvenuePark – Jon Hasse                                                 

V.                 Special Guest (s)

a.      Fernanda Ferrell-Zabala – Neighborhood Wine Bar Business Plan. Ms. Ferrel-Zabala will discuss her business plan and solicit neighborhood input on the proposed site for a neighborhood wine bar on the 200 Block of Florida Avenue NW.

b.      MPD Captain, Wilfredo Manlapaz, New 5th District and PSA 501 Captain. Captain Manlapaz will introduce himself to the community, address community concerns and discuss the new boundaries of our Police Service Area.

c.      5C01 Commissioner Bradley Thomas.

   i.      Update on the redistricting of ANC boundaries and effective date of new boundaries.

   ii.      Update on curb cut for CAPCS Curb Cut

   iii.      Update on RFP for J.F. Cook and LangstonBuildings  

VI.               Community Priorities for 2012 (Committee Chairs/Volunteers Needed)

a.      Economic Development – need a committee chair to organize projects.

b.      Neighborhood Beautification – Flower Power, Mulch/compost Coordination, planting

c.      Events and Fund Raisers –

d.      Public Safety

e.      Other Community Priorities           

VII.             Standing Invitation (elected officials to be ranked by Civic Association at election time based on their participation and support of BACA community)

a.      Mayor’s Office

b.      Council Member’s Office (Ward 5 Vacant)

c.      Council Member at Large Office

d.      ANC            

VIII.           Announcements

 IX.              Adjournment

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