Florida Avenue Park Opens

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is a total success. Over 100 members or our community and children joined in the celebration.

Mayor Vincent Gray, Council Member Tommy Wells, Metropolitan Police Department, ANC Commissioners Bradley Thomas and Tim Clark, Bates Area Civic Association President, Geovani Bonilla and Bloomingdale Civic Association President Teri Janine Quinn were present for the event.

We ask all our neighbors to join us in organizing and hosting events at the park throughout the year. The critics approved, the children said “we love this park”. Let’s make this park a source of community pride.

Jon Hasse, Christine Leake and Kathleen Schneider (Friends of the Park Board) helped organize and promote the event and volunteers like David Hall and Kyle Caston helped with the set up and donated some of the delicious treats.

The Bates Area Civic Association supported local businesses by purchasing coffee from Big Bear Café and the delicious cookies from Uncle Chips Cookies and Coffee.

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