G2K a BACA Business: Studio 85

This is the second in a series of posts on Bates Area businesses and their owners. Check out the first on Revive Catering and Food on the Go here, and look out for spotlights of Uncle Chips, The Flea Market Store, O Street Studios and more coming up!

Tiffany showing me around Studio 85. Those chairs? They were in her parents' house growing up.

“We’re all really good at different things, so when we got our own space, it was a no brainer that we would do a little bit of everything,” explains Tiffany Burriss, co-founder and CEO of Studio 85.  Tiffany and her sisters Tamika and Tammi opened Studio 85 in October, and since then, the studio/store/event space has seen open mic nights, art shows, brunches and more, bringing some much needed light and color to what used to be a vacant basement at 53 Florida Ave. NW.

The main attraction - Studio 85's exclusive line of nail polish.

On a day-to-day basis, the store’s full of vintage and local art, apparel and accessories. Top sellers include artwork by The Rich Ant, whose paintings also have accompanying necklaces – so you can “wear your art with you,” as Tiffany explains – and Studio 85’s own line of DC-inspired nail polish. Tiffany’s favorite shade? “Go Go.” (“It goes with everything!”) My favorite shade? “Mambo Sauce.” (Which, coincidentally, also goes with everything.)

As CEO, Tiffany mans the store daily and manages the team, making the short walk over from her home at N Street and New Jersey. Tammi, a hairstylist, interior designer and event planner, manages the product line, and Tamika, a singer, handles client relations. The sisters’ mom and dad also help out, along with other friends and family. They’ve even decorated Studio 85 with items cribbed from their parents’ house – including the chairs that Tammi and Tiffany sat in while doing their homework growing up, a washboard from her parents’ garage, and a mirror that’s been in the family for generations.

Inside Studio 85: "I think it's hard to 'see it' until you actually see it."

“The biggest challenge so far has definitely been getting people to know we’re here,” Tiffany explains, “I think it’s hard to ‘see it’ until you actually see it. It’s just so eclectic.” The team has been reaching out to other businesses to try to change that (look out for an upcoming brunch in partnership with Revive), and opening the space up for art shows and regular open mics – the next one will be Friday, March 2nd at 7pm.

According to Tiffany, it takes Studio 85 all of 15 minutes to make the switch from studio to event space, so keep them in mind if you’re looking for a unique place to host something in the neighborhood. Tiffany eventually wants to go beyond DC, to take Studio 85 national, and what local wouldn’t be just a little proud to see “Roc Creek” nail polish from Florida Avenue flying off the shelves in NYC?

Check out the photos below to get a taste of what’s on offer at Studio 85 and don’t forget to stop by their Open Mic on Friday!

6 thoughts on “G2K a BACA Business: Studio 85

  1. After this past Saturday’s Florida Avenue Park ribbon-cutting event, I and some other neighbors strolled over to Studio 85 to visit this new neighborhood business. We received a delightful tour of the store.

    What a welcome addition to the community! Check out Studio 85 if you haven’t done so.

    Thanks for the post, Brian!

  2. What a wonderful spill about Studio 85. SO glad to be apart of the Ward 5 community and always look forward to meeting new neighbors, other Ward 5 business owners, and consumers passing by. Thanks for the reception, and hope to see you soon at S85.

  3. I was in town just for one day but I stopped by the shop and loved it! I must have spent atleast an hour in the store and spent over 50$ just on small items! 🙂 Next time I am in the area I will be back in, with more money this time!!

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