Two foster kittens could be yours!

Squeaky (brown, female) and Charlie (grey, male) were found with their sibling Labor Day weekend in Truxton Circle. They were soaking wet and scared after a late summer storm. After they were brought in, it became clear they were very young, so they were bottle fed for several weeks before they were weaned. Since then they have grown up to be healthy, beautiful young cats. Their sibling found a home with a big sister cat, and Squeaky and Charlie are looking forward to their forever homes as well.

Since they were bottle fed and raised with two adult cats and a large dog, they don’t know anything but a very social life. They want to be where the other family members are. Squeaky is the more independent of the two, and she has her own options about what she should be doing and when. Charlie is an amiable little purrbox. They would make a great lifetime pair together; otherwise they must be adopted into homes with other companion animals.

They will require further vetting, including spay/neuter, before they are available for adoption. A small fee to cover those services at the Washington Humane Society’s facilities will be required. If you are interested in adopting them, please contact me at eliza[.]auckerman[@]gmail[.]com. Thank you for looking!


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