BACA meeting minutes – Jan. 2014

In preparation for the upcoming February meeting, here are the last BACA Meeting Minutes — Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 — 7 PM, Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q NW

I. 7:00 Meeting Called to Order – Geovani A. Bonilla, President
(David Hall, Vice President, also present)
II. Review of Last Meeting Minutes – Christa Fields, Secretary

III. Intro of guest speakers – Geovani Bonilla
a. 7:05 5th District Metropolitan Police Department – Community Safety Update
– There was separate meeting re community safety and crime in December
– Ward 5D won crime reduction award of year
– different types of crime with cold weather including theft from autos, don’t leave even small things visible in car, report anything suspicious in alleys, make sure to lock doors, be attentive at gas stations and lock doors even if go inside for few minutes
– Update re homicide in alley between P and Bates? No, but he’s been patrolling there frequently and trying to keep people from hanging out
– Updates re robberies/hold-ups on North Capitol? They have very good footage and lead on one that was last week in middle of day
– Geo noted 1300-1400 block, 3rd and P store, and also NJ Ave market have been hit, seems to be merchants that do a lot of cash transactions, maybe get together with ANC Comm’r etc to see about more safety options? Possible outreach through DSLBD to install better security systems, 3rd and P now has good security system with lots of cameras
– What’s process for “stay away” orders especially for Q Street with orders re NW Coop just going to other side of Q Street? Have to go to court and have decent reason of criminal matter so would be difficult
– Update re robbery at Florida Ave btwn 2nd and 3rd (Raphael’s grocery) last week? They don’t know about that one, windows broken and took cash register, likely happened around midnight hours but will follow up
– Let MPD know if you’ll be away for holidays by emailing Lt. Griffin or Commd’r Solberg so will definitely respond to alarm code

b. 7:13 Jon Mandel – Council Member Kenyan McDuffie’s Office
– re safety walk: was waiting for updates from agencies, will have more info next meeting
– DDOT actions
o scheduled all requested sidewalk repairs as “to be determined” but he will continue to follow up to make sure don’t disappear
o did field investigation re traffic btwn Florida and NY Ave re oversized vehicles, determined that existing signage and ramps etc are ADA compliant, straightened bent pedestrian signal at NE corner of 1st St
o removed fencing around tree boxes to reduce loitering, businesses appear happy about it
o installed another street light at 1st and P alley, lots of light
o removed shoes on overhead wires, noted can be marking of gangs/drugs/etc but they haven’t been replaced so far
o determined that signals btwn Florida Ave and NY Ave on 1st St aren’t well timed, will be addressed in wider plan/investigation with SAP – Comm’r Quinn requested to ask them to look at 1st Street all the way up to Michigan due to pending traffic flow changes
o Question re rush hour traffic on 1st at P and Bates that blocks residents from leaving – may want stop sign there to clear crosswalk, he’ll check but doesn’t think that was addressed

– DPW actions
o collected misplaced trash cans
o issued citations to owners on N. Capitol for trash in alley and will be sending out inspectors, noted mattresses and trash did get collected but new dumping in past week
o vehicles at New Jersey/4th and S were for businesses on private property so no violation, supposed to increase enforcement
o contact Jon for more info for properties that received violations

– DGS actions
o removed tree from lot
o fixed fencing at Florida Park prior to walk through
o contact Jon for more info on building on unit block of Q that’s a DHCD(?) property
o he has more info re community garden, will email it
o Slater/Langston schools on unit block of P – fencing should be fixed by now, DGS has their own property security division and are supposed to give more attention to that area
o re surplusing DGS released solicitation for Langston previously but sole bidder didn’t have necessary financing, current daycare has lease that expires in two years so must wait until then to act
o (from end of discussion) DGS only wants to do solicitation for Langston and Slater together, have to wait for 2-year lease to expire for day care before can deal with either one – noted that CM McDuffy is chair of that committee so hopefully can work on it

– re CAPCS parking lot – Kent Amos will be at BACA Feb. meeting
o DC Dept of Environment has released final report but they haven’t cooperated in providing BACA a copy even under FOIA request
o Geo requested CM’s office get copy of report so not just relying on Amos’s summary of findings and recommendations
o Noted that another school in more affluent neighborhood who installed illuminated sign had to remove it immediately per DGS because didn’t have proper permit, but DGS appears to be allowing parking lot to stay despite no proper permits

– General updates: tomorrow will broadcast legislative meeting, includes re installing power lines underground; had successful Ward 5 holiday party including donations of toys
– Comm’r Quinn question re Great Streets Grant with February deadline, trying to get businesses on Florida Ave included in new boundaries, they will discuss this more
– Resident requested street light in alley at 100 block of Bates that dead ends at 1512 1st St, right now there is illegal port-a-potty and dumping of beds etc
– Resident noted light behind 126/128 Bates appears to be malfunctioning, no response from 311 for several months – Jon suggested providing number from light to expedite action
– Update re super can replacement? It’s happening but he doesn’t know schedule, will replace all existing super cans but not small can; re DPW employees breaking lids on cans due to way they’re handled – Jon says report handling because supervisors can follow up, also can report broken lid via 311 and they’ll replace it

c. 7:40 Commissioner Teri J. Quinn – Community Updates
– noted that residents of her SMD are rarely at meetings and none here tonight, but we’re all affected by businesses etc in that area, there is new business at 3rd and Florida Meat and Food, also other businesses on way, good write-up for DC Smokehouse in Post
– new bar at 2nd and Florida (?) is reach out to neighbors re parking etc such as deals with Uber in response to her request, 2 months ago they voted to give conditional approval of ABRA license application and next month Bloomingdale voted to approve but no official letter issued, business also had open houses around neighborhood for plans
– Update on protest with liquor license for Firehouse? Hearing scheduled for December was postponed until this month per their attorney’s request, she met with them and terms weren’t very close, decided to agree on what they could and have ABRA decide the rest of terms if allowed
– Noted Big Bear zoning change was approved several months ago
– re McMillan project: will be working through community benefits package over next several months, they will present proposal at this month’s Bloomingdale Civic Association, Tanya from McMillan Advisory Group should be at next BACA meeting (in February), discussed various websites e.g. MAG and Create McMillan to get up to speed on project
– Update on Joe Mammo’s PUD for N. Capitol and Florida development? Mammo got most of what requested but must still use street level as retail which was something she fought to maintain, BACA should receive money as grant for community benefits package
– Discussed possibly doing another COVE (voter education): noted turnout was very low last year, possibly change format to debate or focus on certain races, resident noted was informative in past but too many events, may try to partner with another non-partisan group or local news
– ANC meetings will continue at Trinity, encouraged to come out, very important issues are discussed and need to see what Commr’s do

d. 8:03 Tim Clark – now working as Regional Field Director for CM Muriel Bowser who is currently Ward 5 councilmember and is running for mayor

e. 8:05 Geo general community updates:
– Successful BACA fundraiser in December netted over $500
– Re CAPCS parking lot and land dispute
o DOE has done final report on parking lot, per preliminary discussions with Kent Amos he thinks they need to add drainage, reduce outside boundaries and add greenery, BACA resolution was to remove parking lot but have to see what DOE and DC Regulatory Committee is doing, were initially imposing daily fines but don’t know if that was enforced
o dispute between CAPCS and Dunbar re land adjacent to O Street: currently on CAPCS side, Dunbar claims it’s theirs, land surveys aren’t required when purchase lot so not sure of boundaries
o there is issue re CAPCS doing curb cut without permits, that’s on Hanover civic association side and they’ll most likely support it, if CAPCS doesn’t own that portion of land then they can’t do it, but if it is CAPCS’s land and we decide to oppose curb cut then that will only leave P Street exit from parking lot and those traffic issues, need to reach out to people on 100-200 block of P

– Update on Mundo Verde? Not sure if zoning variance got approved, there was opposition from Phyllis Kline and owner of building that has medical marijuana dispensary (Brian Brown) as to drop-off zone in alley between O and P but that was not what was being voted on, per resident Mundo Verde agreed to move drop off zone to P, still question re reduction of parking zone during school hours to allow for drop off, noted this is common in DC, takes away parking spots but those aren’t DC residents anyway, will have to reach out to Hanover Community Association
– 501(c)(3) application: was completed and mailed in December to change BACA from 501(c)(4) to allow for more grants etc, no update yet from IRS
– Re old Steve’s Market – it’s under renovation, owner doesn’t think they need a zoning variance, he owns some other coffee shops and Dunkin’ Donuts, thinking of opening coffee/sandwich shop with outdoor seating, excited about teachers and car/foot traffic, knows must come to civic association before going to ANC if need zoning variance
– Re Dunbar pool no update – issue was with evening practices and DPR didn’t build fence/security measure to prevent community having access to entire school after hours, Comm’r Robinson Paul was working with DPR on that so will follow up, [NOTE pool now open on weekends]
– Re NY Ave Rec Center building – DPR awarded building use to Perry School, Hanover Civic Association and Comm’r Robinson Paul were very upset about that but they don’t have enough money to run programs, will follow up with Perry School and Comm’r Robinson Paul and should be community classes e.g. zumba and computer classes
– At next meeting will have McMillan speaker

VI. Standing Invitation
a. Mayor’s Office – none
b. Council Member’s Office (see above)
c. Council Member at Large Office – none
d. Commissioner Joyce Robinson Paul – none
e. Commissioner Teri J. Quinn (see above)

VII. 8:18 pm Adjournment

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