BACA Meeting Minutes – Dec. 7, 2015

We had a short meeting with updates from community representatives, then our holiday party for about an hour – a big THANKS to BACA neighborhood business Uncle Chip’s for donating delicious cookies. They were a hit!

Monday, December 7, 2015; Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q ST NW

7:10 Meeting Called to Order (after some mingling) – David Hall, President

Community Representatives
7:11-7:16 ANC Commissioner Teri J. Quinn – SMD 5E06
• Thanks to Comm’r Thomas for putting together joint SMD meeting for this Wednesday, 12/9, at Friendship Public Charter School in 100 block of P St NW
• Update on 31 Q St NW – it has been designated a vacant property but people have been going in and out of it, she reached out to MPD commander to have them step up patrolling of that area, also reached out to DCRA and will provide update at Wednesday meeting with results of DCRA’s investigation from last Thursday
• Q: status of the business that was selling synthetic drugs on Florida Ave – it is shut down per the settle agreement, initial plan was at 6 months they could have service but no retail then at 1 year would be reevaluated, but since they violated the first terms of the agreement it will likely remain shut down and possibly sold
• Q: gas station at Florida and Q St NW has been shut down for 2 weeks and is boarded up, neighbors heard that someone in the neighborhood bought it, people have been parking overnight and also gathering there, loud at night and seem younger maybe teens – Comm’r Quinn will look into it and get us an update

7:16-7:24 SMD Commissioner Bradley A. Thomas – SMD 5E05
• Please come to joint meeting on Wednesday, paper flyers distributed in case people don’t get email
• 1st part of meeting will be presentation and discussion with developers who submitted proposals re lot at N. Capitol and Bates St; public comments may be submitted to DMPED until this Friday, Dec. 11
• 2nd part will be to discuss ideas to best to address problems at the intersection of N. Capitol and Florida Ave that affects all 3 SMDs that will be at joint meeting
• Please come to Christmas Gospel Jazz Gala and Carol Sing-Along, Mt. Sinai Church on Sunday, 12/20 at 6:00 pm, Comm’r Thomas will be part of it, it brings together some of best DC musicians, free but donations will be accepted – Comm’r Quinn says she and her mother went last year and both loved it
• Q: status of P Street paving post DC Water work – they finished the unit block of P Street today, rest of blocks should be finished soon
• Q: re lot at Bates and N. Capitol, are businesses aware that their alley access is part of property up for disposition? Business have been made aware and can come to the joint meeting and give input or submit public comments, also SOME has been invited to address possible impact on homeless people around lot
• Walter Johnson liquor store at Florida and N. Capitol NW is closed and boarded up, owner had said when discussed voluntary agreement that would be closing

7:25-7:34 Councilmember McDuffie’s Office – Kate Mitchell, Committee Director
• CM McDuffie’s annual Ward 5 holiday party is this Thursday, 12/10, 6:30pm-9pm (at Gallaudet University’s Sorenson Center at 800 Florida Ave NE)
• Re lot at Florida an N. Capitol – have been talking to mayor about programming and landscaping hope to have there, plan to be at joint SMD meeting
• Legislation: they moved a very large bill last week to allow body cameras to be worn by all sworn police officers, need guidelines about who should be able to see footage, current proposal if video is in public space then anyone can see it, exceptions for if captured in private home because don’t want people to be afraid of calling police, also exception for victims of domestic violence and stalking, it would be the broadest access of info in the country
• Fire Emergency Response Department has availability problems, a lot of people call 911 for things that could be handled by urgent care center, they’re trying to make a program to have providers come to patients to avoid ambulances having to wait, goal is to have more community-centered approach
• Re N. Capitol and Bates lot – met with DMPED re access and both developers have said are willing to consider easement for current businesses for alley access
• Q: what about cost of body cameras in light of high taxes already? Each camera is about $1,000 and comes with online cloud storage and must pay for access, cost is major factor in moving forward, concluded that access outweighs any cost so mayor decided to use revised revenue estimates for October for 4-year financial plan to cover them so they are included in 4-year budget plan, there is 3-year replacement schedule so will be expensive then, making exemptions of private homes helped reduce the costs for redactions and also makes bright line rule
• Q: what about if incident filmed by body camera involves a child? The child would be blurred out if they are in the juvenile justice system, otherwise if it is in public they would be shown, or blurred out for other exceptions; for anyone if your likeness is on video you can set up appointment to see footage at station
• Q: what is the status of the paid leave bill (resident noted he disagrees with CM’s stance on that bill)? CM proposed 16 weeks of paid leave to many DC residents, it was referred to the Council Chairman’s committee, 3 public hearings are to be held and 1st one was last week with business advocates, the bill is very complicated and CM is open to collaborating with businesses, she will let us know when the hearing for public and residents is held
• (CM McDuffie also joined us in person during the holiday party)

7:35 David Hall comments pre party
• if you want to pay BACA dues and haven’t done so yet please do so
• next year we would like to have more committees active, idea is for them to run themselves and report back during general BACA meetings – for example Flower Power, BACA history committee, beautification day and who to get donations from and possibly larger scale landscaping projects for public areas, etc

7:37 Ibrahim Mumin from Masjid Muhammad mosque brief comments
• re threat of protests with firearms from anti-Muslim community in Midwest a few months ago, FBI contacted them and they had plan to address it but no one appeared to show up, wanted to express thanks to the neighborhood for our support and particularly because the night before the protestors were supposed to come someone was putting up flyers saying this is a hate free zone and we stand with Masjid Muhammad
• please feel free to reach out to the mosque if any questions or concerns
• also reminder that they have a free nutritional program with lunchtime meal and activities for seniors every day (Kibar)

7:39 T.N. Tate, Public Affairs Director for At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds – CM Bonds will be having her first annual Community Cornerstones Awards reception on Monday, 12/14, at 6:30 at the Wilson Building, to recognize those in the community who are making changes, there are still some spaces available for 4 nominations if would like to nominate someone

7:40 David Hall – thanks to Christa Fields for updating the BACA blog with a separate meetings and agenda tab, and for adding back contractor recommendations to the blog; also thanks to Christa and Chris Webb for implementing new BACA signs for posting in neighborhood and to volunteers who posted the signs

7:42– 8:30 PM Holiday Party – socializing, snacks, and beverages

REMINDER: Joint ANC5E04, ANC5E05, and ANC5E06 Single Member District Meeting – Wednesday, December 9 6:30pm at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (100 block of P St NW) 
NEXT BACA MEETING: Monday, January 4, 2016 – 7:00 pm

4 thoughts on “BACA Meeting Minutes – Dec. 7, 2015

  1. Unless by completed, the city only intends to repave half of the unit block of P Street (and 1st between O and P) and not the entire thing (which would be ridiculous), then that is not completed even as of this morning. Nor have they finished replacing the bricks in the sidewalks that they removed to do the water line work.

  2. Thanks for the comments – has the brickwork been completed at your location now? I’m also on the unit block of P, and they replaced the concrete sidewalk areas on my side, but there were no bricks to deal with near my place. I’m not sure about the plans to pave the whole street, but it seems like they’re only repaving the parts that were ripped up previously….

  3. Yes. They came through after my comment and finished the brickwork. That said, your observation seems to match mine – they only paved where they dug. Which seems incredibly lazy and stupid. Especially on 1st Street where now the yellow dividing line is gone. Would it really have been much of an effort to just evenly pave those streets and make it nice after months of construction?

    1. Yes, it is a little strange, but i bet they’ll put lines back hopefully soon. Glad they finished the bricks.

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