Parking/Traffic Concerns relating to Mundo Verde?

As a follow-up to my earlier post about Mundo Verde’s neighborly efforts at snow removal in parking spaces and otherwise on P Street, I reached out to Kristin Scotchmer, whom many of you may remember from her many visits to our BACA meetings over the past several years.

Kristin is planning on attending the March 7th BACA meeting to provide school updates and address parking and traffic concerns of some neighbors, especially on Bates Street, related to the school.  (She is unable to attend this Monday’s meeting due to several nighttime school activities next week.)

Since March is a month away, Kristin suggested the following options:

  • Please encourage folks to contact me directly. I welcome hearing directly community feedback and concerns, it helps me keep a pulse on what is going on, and whenever possible address the issue directly. My direct line is 202-750-7033; or email at
  • Perhaps one of you [David, the BACA president, or me, Christa, the Secretary] and 1-2 others could meet in advance of the March BACA meeting to go over the primary concerns, and come back with some joint ideas for addressing the concerns?


Feel free to comment on this post or email me,, if you want to volunteer to meet with Kristin in the next few weeks, particularly if you have ideas on how to address parking/traffic concerns related to the Mundo Verde school.  Please remember, there are several other schools in the neighborhood as well, and Mundo Verde cannot possibly alleviate all such concerns.  Thanks!

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