Tonight @7:00: MPD Commanders of 5th & 3rd Districts at Bloomingdale Civic Association Meeting

From ANC Commissioner and Bloomingdale CA president Teri Janine Quinn:
Commander Fitzgerald (for 5D) and the 3D Commander will attend the Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting tonight to address the spike in crime in our areas.  She welcomes Bates residents to attend and participate in this meeting because we share the same PSA and, more importantly, there is strength in numbers. We need a comprehensive plan to avoid merely shifting the problem back and forth between our neighborhoods.
Bloomingdale Civic Association Meeting
Monday, June 20th at 7pm
St. Georges Episcopal Church
160 U Street, NW (in the basement)
*public safety is near the beginning of the agenda

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2016 12:07 PM
To: Listserv 3D
Cc: Fitzgerald, William (MPD)
Subject: [MPD-3d] Robberies 306/501  

In response to the multiple robberies in the 306/501 area in the past few weeks, the commanders of the Third District and Fifth District will be in attendance at the Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting tonight at 7pm at 160 U Street NW. We will be discussing the issues surrounding these crimes and some crime prevention strategies. 

All are welcome to attend. 

Commander Stuart Emerman

Metropolitan Police Department
Patrol Services Bureau
Third District
1620 V Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
202-673-6820 (Desk)

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