Proposed law to better count DC’s vacant buildings

This new law would mean a better count of DC’s vacant buildings

“DC probably has a lot more vacant and blighted properties than its official count says, largely because of loopholes in the counting system. A bill before the DC Council is aiming to change that…. In February, Elissa Silverman introduced the Vacant Property Enforcement Amendment of 2016 to work in tandem with a similar piece of legislation she introduced in 2015.”


“The DC Council will take the next steps in July

The Council has scheduled hearings on the proposed legislation for July 12 to July 14. Hopefully, we’ll see the bill brought up for a vote following the hearings.

While this bill does not address all of the loopholes, it does fix the most obvious flaws. We are pleased to see this development, and urge Council to add the additional amendments needed to address the above listed issues.”

Article continues here:

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