BACA meeting minutes – Oct. 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes – Monday, October 3, 2016; Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q ST NW

(Please also join us for our NEXT MEETING: Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, 7:00-8:30pm!)

7:05 -7:07 PM: Meeting Called to Order & Treasurer’s Report – Geovani Bonilla, Vice President: currently 35 dues-paying members, balance $4,820.87 (bank and PayPal); please submit ideas for projects and how you would like these funds used for the benefit of the neighborhood

Community Representatives 

  • 7:07-7:15: ANC Commissioner Teri J. Quinn – SMD 5E06 (north side of Q to FL Ave NW): ANC 5E meets every 3rd Tuesday at Friendship Armstrong PCS at corner 1st and P St NW, this month will vote on additions to security camera program for up to $500 per property on top of grant through city; ANC opposed liquor license at 207 Florida Ave but only to allow time get community input and work out agreement with owners and ANC is not otherwise against that liquor license; re liquor license renewal at Firehouse restaurant she has not received any recent complaints from neighbors so don’t expect that to be a problem; resident questioned re why police tape at 4th and Richardson Place yesterday (Sunday) afternoon but she was unaware of that and planned to follow up with MPD (see below)
  • 7:15-7:24: Mayor’s Office,Ward 5 Liaisons – Hakeem Rogers and Lionel Gaines: Hakeem just reached out to MPD commander to have an officer appear at our meeting tonight (see below); updates re Mayor’s office recent activities (see also handout and Mayor’s website) including new library in Woodridge; Great Streets has lots of funds available for businesses that are for-profit especially focusing on RI Ave Corridor up to $50K per business; 311  Safer, Stronger, Brighter initiative can text “streetlight” to DC311 and have burnt/malfunctioning light replaced within 24 hours; noted that text program is focused on streetlights but can put in requests to 311 online or contact Lionel or Hakeem for other issues such as loose bricks; search for new MPD chief is ongoing; there was a webinar today about DC Statehood initiative and that is on the November election ballot and the Mayor supports statehood
  • 7:24-7:37: Councilmember (Ward 5) Kenyan McDuffie’s Office – Wesley Dawson, Constituent Services Representative:  there will be round table for judiciary committee that CM McDuffie heads which oversees safety issues; update re DDOT and progress with addressing ongoing issues at triangle park at intersection of Florida Ave and N. Capitol St NW, their office emailed DDOT and received response with short- and mid- and long-term goals, already removed the tree box guards to help deter loitering, would like more community input on what to do with that area including the intersection overall; unsure re status of paid leave and patient right to die bills but he will follow up on those; CM plans to have public safety meetings throughout Ward 5 in October to address possibly different concerns in different areas of ward; unsure re status of 2 lots at intersection of Florida and N. Capitol NW but Comm’r Quinn noted owner/developer of large lot (Joe Mammo) just got another 2-year extension; noted Joe Mammo is involved with BP gas station at intersection of NJ and RI Ave NW and CM’s office is discussing with him about possible 24-hour security to address safety concerns there
  • 7:37-7:52: Metropolitan Police Department (5th District), Sgt. Farid Fawzi (; may also contact Ltnt. William Verna at MPD has made progress with BP at 3rd and RI NW in that owner gave them authority to bar people from “hanging out” so if they return then can be arrested but then it is up to the prosecuting attorney’s office and court system how to handle them, if you see police pulling up and not doing anything there please contact him or Ltnt. Verna; they are trying to implement a new system in 5D to section off certain areas to certain officers so can pinpoint where there are higher amounts of problems or missed issues and address that; Sgt. Fawzi called during meeting and obtained update as to why there was police tape near dry cleaner at 4th St on Sunday and that was due vehicle striking building and driver leaving scene so was roped off until determine structural soundness of building; re teenagers throwing rocks at cars etc if you see the same kids doing it several times then call MPD but otherwise it is difficult to address, he will follow up with school resource officers to see if need to coordinate more with MPD officers to get kids safely on their way home, may need to coordinate with other agencies to provide social services if there are needs in home life; reminders to make sure doors and bars are locked and be careful about clear line of sight with valuable items in nice weather, call or report even seemingly minor things you see that seem suspicious or criminal
  • [during above while officer was calling for update – Comm’r Quinn and Geo Bonilla noted MPD 5D award dinner is coming up on Friday 10/28 and is a great place to honor and support good work of our police officers, Geo proposed for BACA to purchase a table of tickets with BACA funds and offer tickets at half price to BACA dues-paying members as in past years – none opposed so he will organize that]
  • [Geo noted as officer was leaving that MPD has coordinated very well with neighbors including through confidential meetings over past 10-12 years and recently to address crime and improve safety of our neighborhood]
  • 7:52-8:00: ANC Commissioner Bradley A. Thomas – SMD 5E05 (south side of Q to P St NW): his next SMD meeting is Wednesday 10/12/16 6:30-8:30 pm at Friendship Armstrong PCS at 1st and P St NW and will have Ltnt. Verna for updates/follow-up on concerns from last meeting but most of meeting will be for updates from DDOT re many concerns and action items from last meeting

Community Topics

  • 8:00-8:02: ANC 5E06 candidates invited but unable to attend, Katherine (Katie) McClelland’s husband (Ethan) spoke on her behalf to indicate that she supports long-time 5E06 resident Chad Hrdina as ANC candidate and will be getting more involved through her nomination (now elected) as the incoming BACA Treasurer
  • 8:03-8:24: presentation from proposed development/renovation of private property at 319 R St NW – owned by Travis Fleisher and Antonio Farris, requesting 3 special exceptions described by attorney to represent them before zoning board, digital renderings and slides (to be posted once received) presented by representatives of architecture firm (also worked on Right Proper Brewing Company and property at 5th and Q St NW); no application has been submitted yet and they are trying to get community input, still open to changes in design, will include one parking spot (currently no parking on lot); residents and Comm’r Quinn noted complaints about maintenance concerns, owners indicated they have spoken with neighbors and there was miscommunication and mail mix-up that at least in part led to neglected maintenance but that has been partially rectified already and will be cleaned up no later than end of this week, we can contact them directly with any further concerns

8:25–8:27: Board elections – see separate post for results, will take office November 7

8:28-8:29: resident Marie Maxwell noted there was a great block party yesterday that included potential owners/developers of pet supply store at the triangle business area on New Jersey, they plan to install security cameras in back too to help address loitering etc

8:30PM: Adjourned


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