Minutes from November BACA Meeting

Please find the minutes from the November BACA Meeting below.

BACA Administrative Matters and Announcements

  • Please complete the BACA Survey! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C9J8FNR
  • The annual BACA Holiday party will occur during the regularly scheduled December meeting. Stay tuned for the location! November 7, 2016 

Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 PM

Updates from MPD

  • Individual with a video camera has been helpful in identifying individuals who are stealing packages. Encourage individuals to install cameras.
  • Reminder of text tip line 50411 — anonymous, but better to call 911 so that information is tracked
  • Question for MPD
  • Any funds still available for cameras?
    • Yes!
  • Any additional efforts to curtail drug dealing at 3 + P?
    • Will keep pressure on but they haven’t moved yet
  • Persistent problem with car alarms in the middle of the night. What is the best way to proceed?
    • Call 911 and will try to make contact with owner. Noise disruptions at night are problems, but going to the owner’s door can be helpful (turn sensitivity down).
  • Brighter lights on the block of first street between Florida and Q street (east and west side of the street)?
    • If you see people drinking on the street and you think it is drinking then you should call 911. (DDOT is engaged in an effort to update the lighting.)
  • What do you do about individuals who allow dogs to defecate on the property?
    • Working offline with resident on this.

DDOT (Joe Burckle + Robert Corletta)

Representatives from DDOT will discuss recent work completed on Q Street treeboxes and other possible plans

  • Provided overview of project was funded by the Federal government in support of GreenDC and increasing the tree canopy and decreasing impervious surfaces.
  • Q Street between First and Third were one of 8 projects funded.
  • In the resident letter, DC usually removes the landscape timber boxes that have been erected, but in this case they left the tree boxes that had been left.
  • The landscape timber boxes need to be open to the street in order to allow car doors to open and close with ease.
  • The neighborhood had submitted a request for sidewalk repair. Would expect that the repair will occur given the state of the sidewalk.
  • In response to concerns about problems with dirt spilling into the sidewalk:
    • In order for the water to get into the tree box and soil, they are not supportive of surrounds that go into the box.
    • Suggested putting small grass plants on the sidewalk. Not as effective as landscape timbers, but helps with the storm water or other vegetation to keep in mulch.
    • Tree fencing is maintenance wise really difficult. Moving trucks can run into them.
  • Pervious sidewalks are sometimes installed in complete street redesign to meet management goals.
  • Downtown and business improvement district is building the entire new streetscape. Many times businesses install these on their own, but DC won’t install fencing.
  • DDOT provides free mulch at the maintenance yard at the Fort Totten transfer station to pick up mulch.
  • Will be planting 8,000 trees this year and all are obligated, but in the 18 new tree spaces created in the 3 blocks of Q Street, they will all be planted in Spring.
  • DDOT is still considering what trees to plant in the streets.
    • ANXO has been volunteering to pay for specific crab trees that are planted by DC and asked about a partnership between the cidery and DDOT to make a product from trees planted in the area.
  • DDOT offered to help with the tree box removal, but suggested that residents may want to reclaim the material.
  • Reminder of the street sign that is laying on the sidewalk and it is then replaced Commitment to replace the street sign.


Development of Vacant lot at Florida & Q

Representatives from Mi Casa and PLM Real Estate will discuss plans for the redevelopment of the lot.

  • Restatement of mission to create affordable housing and discuss their proposal to develop the property and Q and Florida Ave, NW.  Seeking feedback on initial design. (Have proposed to develop the site twice before.) Committed to developing in our neighborhood.
  • Proposing 24 unit apartment building, sized to fit within the neighborhood row homes.
  • They also will be providing more information about the ground floor retail.
    • There is a letter of intent from ACE Hardware to meet their needs. (Hopeful to work with ACE, but no solid commitment.) Potentially additional space would be available. There will also be retail parking available, as well as bicycle racks.
  • Proposing intergenerational, mixed-income properties with many different sizes (1, 2, and 3 bedroom units)
  • Streetscaping in front of the building (green space and seating) will be included.
  • Off-street parking will also be available consistent with rules/regs.
  • Also proposing an energy efficient building.
  • Would develop, own, and manage the product. There is a partner that owns/manages the retail.
  • Proposals are due next Tuesday. Do not know how many proposals will be submitted.
  • The RFP was extended because some remediation will need to be performed. The proposal will address some of the recommendations that the city made to address the remediation needs.
  • Mixed financing with a private lender and Housing Production Trust Fund resources.  They have 24 years of experience working with the city on financing. Closing times have improved. Anticipates that there will be interest from the city to build on the lot.
  • Will have a private access system to get into the building with security cameras.
  • Low- and middle income housing units: Some units will be 30 percent AMI, 50 percent AMI, 60 percent AMI — like to cover a diversity of incomes in properties. Will remain mixed income in perpetuity.
  • Not asking for a formal letter of support, but may come back and talk with the association if they are selected to move forward as a finalist.


Special Exception Request — 1530 Third Street, NW

  • Looking to develop 1530 3rd Street. Seeking a variance on the rear of the property to build a stairway egress.
  • Planning to keep within the look of the neighborhood to push backward on the property, but not upward.
  • Building is currently occupying 55 percent, Zoning code allows development of 60 percent of lot occupancy, but want to apply for 66 percent lot occupancy.
  • Each unit will be 1300 sq ft.

**BACA residents attending the meeting voiced support for efforts

ANC Commissioner Updates

Update from Commissioner Quinn

  • Conveyed a message of the importance of voting
  • Provided an update about the construction project on Richardson Place — and plans to break up the building into 24 bedrooms with 6- and 12-month leases.
  • A letter has been prepared by the neighbors to send to the Council Member expressing concern with the development plans.
  • ANC Quinn has asked the Commission to discuss this project and if it is a viable model for the city and what part of the city at the November 15 meeting.
  • Civic association could consider asking Zoning or other appropriate agencies to look into this type of housing model.
  • There are cars being ticketed on Third Street, NW (in front of ANXO) because they over the crosswalk or too close to the corner and could be a safety hazard. Restaurant owners have also been ticketed (and are not calling police). ANXO suggested that the city could identify the parameters for parking. This request has been made with DDOT, but ANC Quinn will look into this further.

Update from Commissioner Thomas

  • Reiterated the importance of voting, including on the statehood ballot initiative.  (Precinct 19 typically shows up in high numbers!)
  • ANC5e05 will be on November 12 (Saturday).
  • Will have developers at 1530 Third Street, NW to present, as well. Hope to have this before the ANC for a vote in December.
  • There will also be a presentation from the owner of the site of the former Steve’s Market.
  • There will also be a discussion about the lot at North Capitol and Hannover, NW. There has been a request to zone the lot for 65 foot ceiling (from 50 feet) and use more of the lot, as well. There is a plan to build a small hotel. (Most of the neighbors support the development because it will address loitering in the area.)


  • DDOT will also be present to follow up on discussions about addressing concerns stemming from the shooting at North Capitol and NY Ave over the summer.
  • ANC5E is also looking into a possible security camera grant. Passed a resolution at the last meeting and hope to begin issuing grants quite soon.
  • Resident raised concerns about construction at 108 Bates. Have been in touch with 311 with concerns, including down power lines that pose a safety hazard.  This matter will be handled offline.
  • Seeking volunteers to help distribute flyers about SMD meeting.

ANC Commissioner Updates — Kate Mitchell

  • Offered to help with the Richardson Place efforts (including working with developers to attend the next BACA meeting) and will work with residents looking to engage. Encouraged residents to read the city paper article.
  • Working with ANXO to try to get a crosswalk between the cidery and Meats + Foods. DDOT conducted a site visit and progress will hopefully continue.
  • Triangle park on Florida and Q Street — $250,000 made available on October 1. In late September, they removed the fencing to deter loitering, but there might be an effort underway to redesign the entire area.  If the funding hasn’t been used it will likely be returned to the General Fund and reallocated for other purposes. Kate will work to try to invite the appropriate DDOT representatives to the next meeting.
  • Council Updates
    • Held a large oversight hearing on policing and crime, as well as plans for selection of a new Chief.  Unlikely to see an appointment before the inauguration.
    • Provided a one pager about a juvenile justice bill that the Council member wrote. It is on its way to Congress and the Mayor to be signed into law.
    • Also authored legislation linking two government databases — linking voter registration with the DMV records.
    • Three weeks remaining in the council — all Committees are working to close out issues, including: death with dignity (second vote before the council), paid leave, etc.
  • One resident asked about the percentage of police members who live in the district
    • Much lower than the city would like.  Mentioned that there is an effort to do more around housing benefits.
  • Another resident asked what, if any, bills the Council is entertaining around a lobbying ban (revolving door redirections).
    • There will be a hearing on public finance, campaign finance, and ethics bills.

Mayor’s Office Updates — Hakeem Rogers

  • Visited Truxton Circle Park to conduct a workshop lead by StreetPlans — turning areas of blight into areas of temporary use. It was discussed that they should be consulting neighbors about this effort.
  • Reminder about DPW Helping Hands Program – in exchange for a $20 refundable deposit, the city will deliver rakes, shovels, trash pick up, etc.
  • Mentioned Safer, Stronger, Brighter DC — if you see a street light out, let DDOT know! Text 32311 with streetlight outages.
  • Leaves will be picked up between December 5-9 and January 9-13 — requesting use of paper bags to collect leaves.
  • Funds still available for security cameras. To apply, visit: OVSJG.dc.gov to receive funding for the program. The Mayor is also looking into a voucher program for low income residents.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 PM


Addendum – Running List of Action Items

  • BACA Board will be in touch about the location for the annual holiday party
  • BACA will invite Richardson Place developers to BACA meeting
  • BACA and CM McDuffie’s Office will invite DDOT representatives overseeing beautification/transportation efforts at the Truxton Triangle Park to BACA Meeting
  • Track new tree planting efforts along Q Street between First and Third Street, NW (DDOT, Spring)


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