BACA Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2017

Hi, please find the minutes from the BACA Meeting held on February 6, 2017 below or by clicking on this link:

Bates Area Civic Association Meeting – February 6, 2017

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM.

MPD Update

  • Crimes: Burglaries are occurring during the daytime going through unlocked doors/robberies; on North Capitol, people are ordering deliver food and theft from autos
  • There has been a move to sector concept so the crime stats are a bit off — now there are three Lieutenants so that there is always a lot on duty and always overseen by a Captain
  • There is a warrant out for the arrest of the person involved in the Jam Dong case
  • Package thefts — make sure to have package delivered to the Fed Ex holding facility

Richardson Place Resolution

After a brief recap of the meeting minutes approximately 26 individuals voted in favor of a BACA resolution supporting the Richardson Place appeal. No one opposed.

Residential Development at 311 P Street, NW and 1502 3rd Street, NW

Architect presented an overview of the project and explained that there will be two separate structures.

  • The developers are looking for two variances.
  • On 3rd Street, the street wall will be maintained with an iron rod fence, but the will be set back from the street.
  • Parking will not be available on site.
  • BACA residents expressed concern about lack of parking on the street, as well as a request for color renderings of the project.
  • The zoning hearing will be March 8.

Council Member McDuffie

Council Member McDuffie stopped by the BACA meeting. He took questions for over 30 minutes. (Thank you, Council Member!)

  • Explained that the conversations on Capitol Hill and within the Administration with respect to sanctuary cities and the travel ban, as well as the City’s budget is incredibly problematic and disturbing;
  • Performance oversight season is underway and the Council is set to review performance of the city – the CM encouraged people to testify at the public hearing March 16;
  • The CM met with DDOT to discuss the intersection of North Capitol and Florida and is still waiting to hear back about plans to spend the $250,000 to improve the intersection. They did not discuss the recent announcement about plans to close off North Lincoln Road;
  • The CM was asked about single sale liquor licenses and he responded that he is interested in more information about the effectiveness of a moratorium before pushing for legislation to ban the single sale of liquors.
  • A BACA resident raised concerns about DCRA and DDOT communicating, particularly about a property that is under development on 3rd
  • The CM discussed his interest in holding police officers accountable by establishing a “beat book” at local businesses to increase visibility;
  • After a BACA resident expressed concerns about dilapidated schools on P street – rodents, drug use, crime, etc., the CM suggested that there should be a creative way to have interim use or at the very least buildings need to be maintained — CM suggested that he would bring up the school site with the deputy mayor about moving the school to economic development. An active discussion about policing ensued- need for MPD to be more actively engaged in the community — getting out of their cars and engaging with businesses and residents.

Market on the Corner of 3rd and P Street – Application for a Liquor License

The owner’s representative explained that they are seeking a Class B liquor license, but also explained that the owner would like to develop a higher end market with coffee and a butcher.

  • BACA residents engaged in an active discussion about the corner currently, including: crime, litter, loitering, noise, urination, public intoxication.
  • There was a question about the value of another liquor store in the community.
  • Individuals expressed concern about the sale of liquor in such close proximity to so many schools.
  • The ANC will vote on the request 2/21 and there will be a hearing in April before ABBRA.
  • BACA voted to protest the request for a license.

Commissioner Thomas

  • ANC will be voting on 311 P street at 2/21 meeting at Friendship Armstrong charter school
  • Elections held last month – new officers: Commissioner Thomas is the new Chair of the ANC
  • Norton in the neighborhood: Rep Norton will be at friendship Armstrong next week from 6-8pm
  • Reminder: Rock and roll marathon in March and will pass through our neighborhood

Commissioner McClelland

  • Council member Bonds include low income housing into projects

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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