Bates Area rep needed on the McMillan Advisory Group

The Bates Area Civic Association has one voting seat on the McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) who gets to weigh in on positions taken by the organization concerning the development of the McMillan sand filtration site.  As you know, what happens at the site has an impact on the BACA community, particularly from a traffic flow perspective. It is important BACA be represented on this group.  For the past several years, Bradley Thomas has been the primary representative for BACA. However, with him now as the ANC5E Chair,he is required by the MAG bylaws to represent the ANC on the MAG.  That leaves the BACA slot open. The MAG generally meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Here’s a link for more information:
If you are interested in representing BACA on the MAG, please contact Kyle Thomas ( We will discuss this more at the March 6th BACA meeting.

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