BACA Meeting Minutes – March 6, 2017

Please find the meeting minutes from the March BACA Meeting below:

BACA Meeting Minutes March 6 2017

Bates Area Civic Association

Monthly Meeting

March 6, 2017, 7:00 PM

MPD Updates

  • MPD representatives provided an update of matters in the area and residents asked questions about active shooter

    Updates from CM McDuffie’s Office

  • Provided information about the Council Member’s Public Safety Meeting
  • Shared that there is a tentative hearing date on Air BnB legislation on April 24
  • Representative was asked to come prepared for the next meeting to discuss the Council Member’s position on the Richardson Place project with respect to his legislation on Air BnB

    Liquor license at 3rd and P Street

  • The ANC agreed to protest the applications
  • The majority of the neighborhood is not in support of the license, but it is clear that their attorney (who is a former ABRA employee) will likely succeed and we may not be able to stand in their way of getting a license. The neighborhood discussed potential asks  Cameras inside and outside of the business
    Preventing loitering and trespassing
    Prohibiting single sale
    Limit hours of operation
    Beer and wine only
    Visibility in window
    Limit percentage of in store sq foot on beer /wine
  • Additional request made to alert the neighborhood schools to the application

    Updates from ANC Commissioners — Bradley Thomas

  • Testified before CM McDuffie’s hearing on le sale liquor licenses. ABRA said that they could perform a study in terms of enforcement, but could not do anything related to criminal statistics. BACA will be reaching out to civic associations to collaborate on banning single sale licenses.
  • ANC supported a resolution in support of the Rock and Roll Marathon
  • ANC voted to support the Richardson Place resolution
  • There will be an emergency meeting on Hannover Place shooting on Wednesday evening at the House of Lebanon

    District Solar Presentation

  • Hopes to work with the neighborhood to install solar panels at the lowest possible cost by combining forces – to negotiate the lowest price

    Climate Justice Presentation

  • Conversation about how to elevate the importance of bringing additional awareness to climate issues

    Updates from the Mayor’s Office

  • New police chief announced
  • Mayor will be speaking at the CM Public Safety hearing
  • Street sweeping is starting up again
  • Mayor’s office is compiling list of summer and spring events for the Mayor to visit
  • Summer camp registration is open at
  • Summer Youth Employment Program applications recently closed
  • Community Budget Engagement Forums concluded and the budget will be presented to the council soon. Feedback can still be submitted via email.
    BACA Survey Results
  • Most popular events: flower power and movie screening. People also liked the idea of a block party, then holiday party, followed by ice cream social
  • Residents wanted to shorten the meeting and agreed that a social component could be a positive contribution
  • Respondents said keep the location of the meeting at the church


  • April 22 is beautification day
  • Next meeting: meet at Anxo after meeting concludes

    Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM


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