BACA Meeting Minutes – April 3, 2017

BACA Meeting Minutes April 3 2017

Bates Area Civic Association

April 3, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Convene 7:02 PM

Administrative Updates

  • April 22 – Spring Clean up /Beautification
  • June 17 – Flower Power at 89 P Street NW
  • $4,738 in the bank
  • 25 active dues paying members
  • All online filings with the City/IRS updated
  • Still looking for someone to represented Bates on the McMillan Board

MPD Updates

  • Crime Stats:
    • violent crime down – no homicides in past 30 days, only 1 robbery, 2 assaults with deadly weapons (knives) — both domestic violence related
    • Motor vehicle thefts spike up
    • There have been mail/package thefts in the area and in two recent incidents, the use of video technology has enable MPD to identify and arrest the perpetrator.
  • From now on, MPD updates will come from officers in 501
  • BACA attendee shared that he was recently assaulted after trying to take a picture of what appeared to be illegal activity. The attendee expressed frustration at the inability of MPD to approach individuals who may be loitering.
  • Conversation about store at 3rd and P:
    • Concern about illegal activity occurring indoors, particularly in the summer
  • The Northwest Co-op:
    • Residents have been calling MPD more frequently. Question about if MPD is using foot patrol– MPD said that they have footbeats and mountain bike – and there was a conversation about having patrol through the cooperative.
    • Conversation about installing a large police camera in the cooperative area to deter violence
  • Sounds of gunshots at 1st and Q over the weekend –MPD thinks that they know the group of individuals who are responsible, but there is no way to take action. Also discussion about recidivism rates, particularly among youth.
  • Conversation with MPD about BACA interest in reinstating summer movie nights at Florida Ave park. MPD really likes this activity and wants to support it.

Updates from the Council Member’s Office

  • Shared a new proposal from the CM to enforce nuisance property laws on renters.
  • The NEAR Act – passed last year – but there is no funding for it.Mayor will be releasing budget tomorrow (April 4). Request to testify in public about budget request and funding.
  • There is a hearing on April 26 for legislation related to Air BNB. (Note: Individuals living in their primary residence are exempt from the regulations.)

ANC Updates

Commissioner Katie McClelland

  • Reminded residents of the upcoming construction at 3rd and Florida NW to address underground pipes and drainage.
  • Working with the city to ensure trash is consistently collected.
  • Katie can be reached at:

Commissioner Bradley Thomas

  • The next SMD meeting will take place in May (exact date TBD)
  • ANC will likely be adopting a resolution opposing increases in Pepco
  • There will also be a paid position to assist ANC with paperwork. If anyone is interested in part-time work, please reach out to Commissioner Thomas
  • Update on construction at 311 P street – 3 units on the corner – asking for how to help with congestion or parking issues. Application had previously been rejected because it did not conform to the Office of Planning
  • Commissioner Thomas testified to the zoning commission on the McMillan plans. Certain things hadn’t been considered by the developers. ANC took the position that they support development, but need to do a traffic study on impact.
  • Office of Planning is reviewing the long range plan for the city, accepting comments and suggestions from the community for the compressive plan for the city
  • BACA held an off-the-record conversation about the ABRA application from 301 P Street NW and a possible settlement agreement.

Updates from the Mayor’s Office

  • Aware of trash collection issues in the area
  • Informed BACA that two students from Dunbar received private scholarship from Trachtenberg Foundation to attend GW.

Adjourn 8:45 PM



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