September Meeting Minutes (October Meeting TONIGHT)

Apologies for the delay in sending out the meeting minutes. You will find them below and by clicking on this link BACA Meeting Minutes – Sept 2017.

Additionally, as a reminder, the October BACA meeting will take place tonight!

Bates Area Civic Association

Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2017

Convened 7:00 PM

Updates from BACA President

  • Please join BACA for a Community Breakfast on September 30 from 9-11am. The church is co-hosting the breakfast. Please inform a neighbor!

MPD Updates – Officer London Young

  • Decreased violent crimes in 5E, including a decrease in burglaries by 37 percent.
  • Officers will remain on bike/Segway to continue to monitor the neighborhood. MPD will continue to be present alongside the Special Police that has been hired by the Co-Op, too.
  • Wednesday, September 27 from 7-800 pm MPD will be holding a meeting for the 5th district to discuss issues

Updates from Commissioner Thomas 

  • 5e05 Single Member District meeting took place on Saturday
  • Next Tuesday, the ANC will meet and take up a couple of issues.

o   Will take up request of developers of 311 P Street, NW. The first time the ANC voted against the development, but following continuing dialogue, the developers will only be constructing 3 units and they will support efforts to get Zone 5 resident only parking

o   Will also take up application of “The New American Bistro” for interior seating (expects it will be approved)

  • Reminder about the Bloomingdale Civic Association House Tour and Reception on October 28, 2017
  • DDOT installed signs on P Street with no parking during school days/times. It prohibits parking on Thursdays. The school did not requested the restriction. The signs will be removed soon.

Discussion on Historic Designation 

  • Recently, developers who sought a variance on the corner of 3rdand R street. Last month, the civic association approved the developers plan to re-create the turret. Following that decision, and in protest of it, another individual contacted the DC historic preservation organization to file for a historic designation of the entire block.
  • Discussion ensued about if BACA should be weighing in on historic designations for specific blocks.
  • Every owner receives a notification at least 45 days before a hearing by the historic preservation office. There are two scheduled a month.
  • There is a hearing set for September 28.
  • There is no requirement that a Civic Association participation.
  • Whether or not a historic designation takes place impacts all of us- quality of life issues for all of us.
  • There are areas within BACA that have the designation, which have had different view.
  • Concern expressed that BACA could be engaging be precedent setting.
  • BACA seemed to agree that it was inappropriate to make a decision for the block without anyone on the block present.
  • BACA agreed to try reach out to residents on the impacted block to provide them with information and understand the view of the block before proceeding.

The Great American Bistro

  • The Great American Bistro is in the worse for 1545 New Jersey Ave, NW. It will be a café/restaurant that is seeking indoor seating in the restaurant. The location is already zoned for food. The capacity is 127 seats; hours are 6 am to 10pm. It is likely that the owner will return in the future to seek seating outdoor.
  • Information about the restaurant can be found at
  • BACA voted to support seating indoors at the Bistro.

Updates from Munro Verde–Garden Market

  • Mundo Verde has created a school garden and will have a market on Tuesdays from 3-4:30pm — fresh organic fruits and vegetables! The price point will be great! The students will be running the market. Stop by!

Presentation by the DC Public Service Commission 

  • The DC Public Service Commission regulates lights (Pepco), Washington gas, and telephone land lines. The agency supports consumer rights, jobs in DC, and updates in utility improvements (including selling back to the grid). Please be sure to use them as a resource if you ever have questions or comments about your bills/service.

Presentation by the Compost Crew

  • The Compost Crew is a green recycling company that provides the materials and tools needed to compost. They do weekly collections and make garden available in Spring and Fall.
  • The company is currently promoting a community pilot — $35 for a two month trial and the price could go down if others join.
  • The normal rate is $32/mo and could be discounted following the two month pilot depending on how many people sign up.

Updates from CM McDuffie’s office 

  • NY Ave /streetscape meeting will take place Tuesday, September 19.
  • CM introduced legislation to require a sturdy every 2-years on transportation issues Ward-wide. Right now, only individual developers are required to engage in a study. The CM wants to be sure that broader analysis is completed to address congestion and other issues.
  • Please join the Council Member for Ward 5 Day!


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