Rat Problem in our Alleys

A downside to D.C.’s population growth? The growing number of rats.

Neighbors, many (actually all of us) are facing a serious rat problem as is the rest of the city. As construction in our area disturbs underground rat nests and more and more people leave trash bins out in the alleys overflowing with trash, rats in our alleys are increasing.

The neighbors of the Unit Block of P St NW (north side) are collecting signatures to have a comprehensive rate abatement initiative with the city. Signatures are needed from residents of the Unit Block of P St NW and Bates St NW in order to have the city do rat abatement on the entire block.  If you are a resident of the Unit block of P St NW or Bates St NW and wish to sign the petition, please email Geovani Bonilla at Mrgeovani@aol.com

We encourage neighbors in other parts to do the same as well. Take the initiative by completing the petition form and collecting signature. The petition form can be found in the link below.

RatPetition form.doc (2)

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