TOMORROW: June BACA Meeting (& May Minutes)

Hi! This is a reminder that the June meeting of the Bates Area Civic Association will take place TOMORROW at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in the Old Sanctuary (3rd and Q Street, NW) at 7:00 PM. You can find an agenda for the meeting here:

Additionally, minutes from the May BACA Meeting can be found below or by clicking this link: Bates Area Civic Association Meeting Minutes 5.7.18

Bates Area Civic Association

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2018


Convene 7:05 PM

MPD Update

·       Kicked off summer crime initiative. Most of the specialized beats are in 507, but there will be two special units in the area, including the car parked on O Street.

·       Recently retrieved 3 guns and a person of interest in the area.

·       With a month left in the school year, MPD expecting uptick in disorderly conduct. MPD is working with the schools to get a handle on conflicts among kids/students, etc.

·       Homicide in NoMa last week due to a stabbing of a 16 year old.

·       Question about removal of the MPD light tower camera; likely moved to an area with greater need. Suggest sending an email to the commander to request it be returned.

·       At the moment, there is no private security for the COOP, but there will be a meeting with the captain and lt to discuss limited hours.

Update from the Mayor’s Office

·       Will work to support effort to restore the camera to the block of Q and First

·       Will also be pushing through the application for resident parking permits for the 100 and 200 Blocks of Q Street — there is no RPP currently

·       Working to implement the NEAR Act and diversion into treatment and rehabilitation.


Updates from CM McDuffie’s Office

·       Recommended funding in the budget for the NY Avenue playground

·       The Chairman of the Budget wants to do a permanent legislation to allow access to historic landmark grants. Information will be shared about a June hearing

·       The Office Of Planning recently released a cultural plan and the CM office will look into implications

NEAR Act Resolution

·       Presented a draft resolution to BACA requesting the ANC support for full implementation of the NEAR Act to ensure we are looking at evidenced based public health interventions to reduce crime. BACA supported by a voice vote

Mount Sinai Baptist Church Updates

·       Looking to play a more active role in the community and have developed a community survey and looking for feedback — to determine the needs (mentoring, tutoring, babysitting, etc). Please complete the survey ASAP! Posted at under “coming up”.

Updates from Sisters in Health

·       Working with Mount Sinai Baptist Church and 4th Street Friendship to host the second annual health fair — requesting $1,040 to deliver services to the community
BACA supported the request by a voice vote

Indian Restaurant Opening

·       Owners of Sunset Wine and Spirit at 1st and Florida presented on plans to open a carryout restaurant on the second floor of the building.

·       The owners are apart of the community – they live in the building currently.

·       They provided the following information:    

o   Will be using the same trash location;

o   Committed to address any infestation problems.

o   Entrance will be on Florida Ave. The delivery entrance and emergency exit will be on First Street.

o   There is no outdoor seating planned now, but there is interest and will come back to the civic association before any approval

o   Will be a low profile restaurant and will be a minimal amount of noise. The majority of the seating is near the Florida Ave side.

o   Have not yet applied for a liquor license.

o   Will be an order up window and some seating

o   Planning to have trash picked up everyday

·       Neighbors expressed concerns about trash pick up, noise, and increased infestation, but also strong support for growing a small business in the area, the good food that will be provided, and commitment to continuing to support our neighborhood.

Updates from Commissioner McClelland

·       DC water updates: Will be looking to get more support to survey homes and area that may be implicated. Will be meeting with DDOT about change of traffic flow, bus stops, and street crossings. The next meeting will be posted online for those interested in attending.

·       Over a year ago BACA supported protesting building permits on Richardson Place. These permits have been revoked and hoping to get a final decision soon.

·       ANC 5E voted against historic designation and put in the resolution that it should be put on the ballot instead of survey.

Adjourn 8:06pm



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