Meeting Notes – Jan 2019

Bates Area Civic Association

Meeting Minutes

Jan. 7, 2019

Called to order at 7:06

Welcome and Officers’ Report

  • New board introduced
  • $3, 972 in bank
  • Dues are $20 per person per year

MPD Updates

  • 5B to 3B transition
  • MPD 3B police officers stopped by to introduce themselves: Dawn News, Mark Hodge, Marco Centenalia
  • Dawn News  —
  • Dawn encourages people in the community to send her an email about crime hot spots.  Or you can send your concerns to Kyle Thomas, BACA president, for a centralized response.
  • Hot spots mentioned – co-op Memorial Day shootings and how the light tower has been working as a deterrent
  • Community member asked if we could set up a police pop-up shop at 101 N. ST (across the street from Dunbar)

Masjid Muhammed Expansion Project (Albert Sabir)

  • Located on 4th St. is now Islamic Way
  • Oldest mosque in the nation’s capitol
  • Hosts the Kibar Senior Center – 90 people participants .  They are hoping to expand from 4hrs to 8 hr per day.  Described as a senior day camp.
  • Mr. Sabir is with Urbane Architects and lives at 1st and V.
  • Asking for a modification of zoning
  • They would like to build a new minaret, add two more levels.  This additional space would be used for administration and two new classrooms that would be available for community use.
  • Started the plan in 2016.  Since then there have been two exceptions to legislation that have changed.
  • Asking for exemptions to rear square footage and penthouse (no more than 4 ft)  BZA  roof access to create a wall to hide equipment on roof.
  • The building is LEED certified
  • Motion to approve exemptions to zoning, Motion seconded:  No one opposed

Updates from CM McDuffie’s office

  • 3D-5D Change: coming soon! 
  • Shaw Middle School – closed in 2008 .  There is a petition going around,  but McDuffie is not going to sign even though he wants a new middle school at that location.
  • McDuffie is in favor of keeping Banneker HS open.  He would like to see it renovated and increased capacity.
  • Langston School – Peace Corp interested
  • Providence Hospital partial closing  – problem for patients on lower-end of spectrum / Medicaid-Medicare / moving to other nearby hospitals
  • Hosting Race and Policy Symposium, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 from 10a-2p to discuss solutions to create racial equity in housing, economic development, education, and health.  To be held at RISE Demonstation Center, 2730 MLK Ave SE, Wash, DC 20032

Uncle Chips and Development of Lot at N. Capitol and Bates

  • Shannon Boyle, owner of Uncle Chips, talks about the challenges she’s facing with the planned develoment
  • Uncle Chips has been at this location since 2012
  • This lot has 100 year lease to developer from city.  The developer is Cycle House.
  • Lot wraps around 3 businesses (L shaped) – Uncle Chips, Pharmacy, Fresh Cuts
  • DC govt aware of shape with RFA
  • Ms. Boyle asking for 12ft of space in the back of Uncle Chips for parking and trash

Updates from the Mayor’s office (Mr. Chestnut)

  • 3D-5D transition – Command Fitzgerald  ///  bringing both 3D and 5D together to next meeting

Updates from ANC Commissioners

Karla Lewis

  • Northeast Boundary Tunnel Construstion Kickoff Meeting: DC Water – 3rd St and Rhode Island Ave  — remove median between RI between 2nd and 4th, bus stop re-located, for the next 2 years
  • Jan. 17, 2019, 6:30-8pm –Mt. Baptist Church, 215 Rhode Island Ave NW, Wash DC 2001

Bradley Thomas

  • 4 new commissioners starting term; encourage to attend the ANC meetings Nov/Dec – officers attend ANC meeting to talk about plan for 3D-5D
  • Attend the ANC meetings on the 3rd Tuesday

Sunset Liquors Sunday Hours Amendment

  • Voluntary agreement a few years ago
  • Asking if community would be amendable to the extension of operation hours on Sunday from 12-6 to be open from 10-10.
  • Vote:  agreement to allow extension of hours

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