June Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2019

Called to order at 7:00p

MPD Updates (Capt.  Kim)

  • Crime update:
    • In response to the robberies on R ST and S St, MPD has placed more patrol in these areas.  Robberies have been down over the past month.
    • There were 2 serious assaults.  Not random, they knew each other.
    • Seaton Place NW robbery — Assaultant brandished a handgun and took the victim’s property.  The four suspects wore masks.
    • June 1 –  100 block of Randolph on R ST
      • Victim was a man from Maryland who was trying to cell his iPhone through an app.  
      • He agreed to meet the buyer at this location, and let the stranger in his car.  The stranger than took his money and car (after brandishing a weapon).
      • Victim was able to flag down an officer around the block and they found his car abandoned not far away.
      • POLICE SAFETY TIP:  You can come to the police station to do property exchanges.   Never let strangers in your vehicle.
    • 27 car thefts in the area // punching  window, grab bag and leave
      • 79% of these were out of town tags
  • O and M St — distribution lock ups
  • Sounds of guns shot on N St — saw car fleeing // stop driver and removed handgun
  • 300 bikes without claims at MPD

North Capitol and Florida Avenue lot (Joe Mamo Lot) (Legal Representatives from Holland and Knight, Jessica Bloomfeld and Sonia)

  • In 2013 designs were approved by city,  but Historic Preservation RB wanted to see modifications to the exterior
  • In Feb and April,  designs presented and then passed by Bloomingdale Civic Association
  • The building has an 85-95 unit count.  It will be residential with onsite parking (41 parking spots). Some parking will be used for retail.
  • Capitol Petroleum is the owner and developer of the project.
  • The POD is available online.
  • They have a treescape plan.
  • They will be compliant with the 10% low income housing.
  • When permits go through, BACA will invite the developer to a meeting.

Cross Walk Request at 1ST and Bates ST (Nassem Kourosh)

  • Crosswalks that are unsignalized are more likely to have accidents
  • Asking for a signal sign in the middle of the street
  • Or requesting a stop sign if the ANC reps think that is doable
  • ANCs working on next steps
    • What is required
    • Should we look at just this stop or the broader area
  • Traffic calming evaluation for 1st and possibly adding in other crosswalks such as Florida Ave crossing at Q ST

Mount Sinai Baptist Church BZA application for 1608 3rd St NW (Martin Sullivan and Anna E. Fraser)

  • Mt. Sinai seeking a letter of support for their after school program
    • 30 elementary student
    • Staff hours: 9a-7p
    • Student hours  3:30-6:30 except on Wed. 8p and Friday night bible study
  • The current building is in residential zoning and needs a certificate of occupancy
  • Modifications to 3 bedroom house for the program
    • Made the basement with wide open space
    • All levels cleared out and walls opened
    • Each level is being used as a center for a different activity (computer room, ect.)
  • Motion, 2nd. All in support.

Updates from ANC Commissioners

Karla Lewis

  • Agency walkthrough of the neighborhood in Bloomingdale
    • 1st and R st to Eckington
    • Dept of behavioral health, DCRA
    • Regular walkthroughs to see whether there are areas where grass needs to be cut, vacant buildings, pavement needs fixed, ect.
  • Historical Preservation Review Board announced Wardman Flats historic area
    • Location: the block where Anxo is located to the west
    • This was a major issue two years ago
    • Designation now official
  • DC Boundary tunnel has mobilized the R ST construction site between 6th and Rhode Island.
    • Shutdown of area starts tomorrow
    • Location:  Close to the Shaw library.
  • Looking into resident only parking for several blocks
    • Such as the unit block of q st
  • DC department of survey
    • Take about 15-20 mins
    • You can win $100
    • Let them know what services are missing, what services are good, and what improvements can be made
  • Recruiting block captains to disseminate information — please email Karla
  • Pub and People expansion to basement
    • Planning on accommodating an extra 28-25 people in the space
  • Traffic Calming Initiative at Bryant to 1st
    • Measure to add curb extensions
    • Comm. Lewis voted against the curb extensions
    • She would prefer to use alternate measures such as highlighting street with paint, speed cameras which would not affect parking

Bradley Thomas

  • This coming Saturday — Armstrong School – community planning June 9th 9am-11a
  • 11a-3p Art Festival food, music, and family activities
  • Eckington and Public Safety — aggressive measures, problematic: push into other communities, would like a response from other communities to the crime
  • Public Health Inspection — mold and radon, Lead pipe replacement program to assist community from DC Water
  • Build halfway house in 5E neighborhood, assessment in placement
  • Voting — Letter of support of NY Ave Playground, local neighborhood artist to create a mural

BACA Donation from 1600 N. Capitol development

  • Negotiated a few years ago as part of a community benefits package
  • North Capitol development benefit payment $6600
  • Stipulations: gates and fencing
  • Looking for ideas about spending this money

Updates from the Councilmember’s office (Kelly Cislo)

  • Community Health Need Survey — results would inform future services
  • 2020 budget — violence prevention 3 million in the NEAR act
  • Langston School roof replacement — Dept. Of General Services — lengthy process to off load to private entity, DC Preservation League
  • Blue Collar Cats — call to see if you need an outdoor cat to catch rats

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