July Meeting Notes

July, 1, 2019

Called to order at 7:05p

Welcome and Officer’s Report

  • $6,600 donation from N. Capitol Community — need to decide how to spend on fencing or community beautification

MPD Updates (Capt.  Kim)

  • Crime update:
    • 2 illegal handguns recovered
    • 8 distribution arrests
    • unlawful entry
    • liquid PCP
    • Bates unit block Friday morning (3a) gun battle under ongoing investigation
    • Unit block of Q ST and P ST — lots of rounds shot, personal (had a target), the co-op would like to put up a camera
    • 100 block of Q ST NW (northside) — 15-20 individuals hanging out.  One house allows them to congregate. No loitering laws.
    • Is it possible to bar individuals that don’t live here and are causing problems? Possible solutions:
      • Stay aways.  Use to be a 5 block radius but now it’s just the block
      • Can’t use stay aways on individuals that can prove that they live on the block
      • For use with individuals with priors and current pending cases
    • 3rd and P ST — loitering of a large group in front and behind businesses
    • 8 distribution arrests in the last month 
    • Mountain bikes are more stealth and are being used in our neighborhoods
    • Narcotics dept.  — Trying to get them in the neighborhood to do more buy busts.
    • Fireworks 4th of July is a nightmare for police.   Extra police will be in our area. Some fireworks being shot at cars.
    • Small fireworks legal in DC.  If stands are licensed there is nothing police can do.
    • 3D and 5D coordination.  Citizens feel like there isn’t knowledge sharing. We keep repeating areas of concern.
    • Organizing a community walk with MPD in August on a Tuesday evening after work hours to include more neighbors.
    • BACA will mail a list of problem areas to law enforcement.

Updates from the Mayor’s office (Mr. Chestnut)

  • Kickoff of Marian Barry Youth Work Experience — 40th year
  • Dave Thomas Circle, DDOT updates at last meeting:
    • Bike lanes increased (West Virgina Ave)
    • New painted crosswalks
    • Protected bike lanes west and east on Florida Ave
    • K St northbound will be one lane
    • Florida Ave parking (part time now) will be permanent
    • 2021 will be the start date
  • DC Microtransit
    • Ride share app
    • $3 // free until Oct. 
    • Looking for feedback — hours, wait time (currently Mon-Thurs)
  • 4th of July parade at Barrack Row and Palisades
  • P and 3rd St Business 
    • DCRA — you can file a complaint on a business

Updates from Councilmember’s office (Kelly Cisclo)

  • July 9th listening session // AG has a new bill of rights
  • Health Survey — July 12th deadline
  • National Building Museum — August 13th is Ward 5 Day
  • Litter from loitering.   DPW “Don’t litter in my DC”
  • DPW puts trash cans in commercial areas.  Laws on books and signage.
  • Corner of Florida Ave and Q St.  Dept. of Behavioral Health sent a mobile health bus.

Updates from ANC Commissioners 

Bradley Thomas

  • ANC public meeting
    • stop signage issue at 1st and Bates – unanimous support from ANC
    • Bloomingdale traffic calming issue — DDOT plan acceptable to Comm. Holiday but not Comm. Lewis
      • removal of parking spots and extended curbs 
      • resolution passed
  • Bikeshare installation at R ST NE and Capitol ST NE — not a place recommended but a block away for safety 
  • ANC meeting video is available online
  • Florida Ave and Q ST development project manager presented:
    • Timeline: groundbreaking late winter 2019/early summer 2020
  • BZA meeting Sept. 11 — going to ask them to move back meeting so ANC can meet on Sept. 18th and pass approval and continue the process

BACA Donation from 1600 N. Capitol development

  • Negotiated a few years ago as part of a community benefits package
  • North Capitol development benefit payment $6600
  • Stipulations: gates and fencing
  • Looking for ideas about spending this money, sending out a survey

Upcoming events

  • July 12th Movie Night at New York Ave Park with Hanover Assoc.
  • July 28th Community Health Fair 
  • Sept. 21 Florida Ave Park Community Love Event with Miles Holloway organizing
  • Sept. 9th – Next Meeting

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