Sept. Meeting Notes

Bates Area Civic Association Meeting

Monday, September 10, 2019

Convene: 7:01

Welcome & Officers’ Report – BACA officers

A report out from the BACA officers on the membership, finances, and past meetings. 

  • Community Walk happened with MPD
  • August 6, BACA representatives attended Co-op Meeting to talk about issues with crime
  • 30 Due Paying Members
  • $10,403 currently in the bank
  • $6,600 Earmarked for Fencing and Community Beautification – Survey coming

MPD Updates – Cpt. Kim

Recap of neighborhood walkthrough on 8/19 and strategies for improving the safety of the 200 block of Q Street NW

  • Good news- overall 308 has lowest crime in area — entire month 3 robberies
  • Violent crime- past 30 days had 3 instances
  • Community Walk – community pointed out areas of concern- highlights were 200 block of Q and North Cap/Florida
  • MPD cannot move along loiterers legally unless they are causing inconvenience to others or engaging in illegal activity
  • July and August – MPD recovered over 20 firearms – arrested 8 individuals for distribution of drugs (Along 7th Street Corridor)
  • Shooting on 200 Block of Q – officers were on unit block of R and responded immediately- detectives are working on Case – was not a random crime and people involved knew each other – detectives have good leads and they are looking to close the case soon
  • Assault at Valero Gas Station- MPD has name and lookout for individual – open case but there appeared to interaction between victim and perpetrator – some sort of verbal altercation
  • Bike units are patrolling the area
  • Best thing we can do to report something is email Capt. Kim with as much detail as you possibly can of the individual/s, dates, times, descriptions, etc. 
  • Camera program is utilized and valued greatly by MPD
  • Call 911 if you see anything, do not be worried about bothering police, calls will be prioritized appropriately – however, please be able to articulate some type of activity that is an issue (i.e. blocking passage, etc)
  • Can MPD remove furniture and trash at the intersection of Florida/North CAP – no but MPD has made a note of the intersection and activity there (call 311 – DPW to remove furniture on the sidewalk and street)
  • Q: Re Camera on 1/Q- can camera be moved to 200 Block of Q?
    • A: Problem is that the local MPD officers do not decided on where the camera is located – Not sure of exact decision maker for camera moves, the camera is placed based on statistics. Has to be actual reported crime 
  • Q: Do you want residents to call 911 if we notice large congregation of dirt bikes and ATVs
    • A: Yes. These calls are taken seriously and help.
  • Q: What do we do about intruders entering yards of neighbors? Call 911?
    • A: After first attempt to tell intruder that they are not welcome, call 911 and report intruder.

DC Office of Attorney General

Staff from the OAG has been invited to speak to resources their office can provide to assist with the nuisance property(s) contributing to the crime in the area.

  • Her office looks into nuisance properties (documented reports of drug activity, sex work, firearms), they will looks into the properties at 200 bl
  • Nuisance process – pulls incident reports from MPD to try determine what is happening at the specific property. Draft a nuisance letter to property – states to owners that they are being investigated as a nuisance property. Meet with Owners and MPD – give owners opportunity to put up cameras or other security measures so OAG can better assist MPD in resolving the issues. If owners do not cooperate they sue the owners,
  • MPD can suggest properties to OAG. 
  • Q: If there is a situation where a property is rented but owner is not involved in crime what should we do?
    • A: Variety of approaches- OAG needs evidence so definitely call the police but also contact OAG to help put pressure on the police to get something done. The owner may be able to evict tenant. 
  • Q:  How aggressive will MPD and OAG pursue reported activity?
    • A: In terms of aggression – OAG is very aggressive and you can search at how they handle dangerous properties. If there is a lot of activity at a certain property, keep MPD notified so OAG can use the incident reports to carry our their job.

Mi Casa-N. Capitol & Florida development – Martin Lucero

The developers are set for a BZA hearing on 9/18 and would like to update the community on their plans.

  • Using the property to develop a 24 unit affordable housing project.
  • Handout provided to participants with updates and changes to plan.
  • 1-2 Bedroom units – 500 up to 1200 sq ft
  • Q: Retail Space- What are the parameters for the retail space? 
    • A: Will be owned/managed by property manager. More details to come.
  • Q: When do you anticipate breaking ground?
    • A: Environmental studies are still being carried out but would like to break ground early April 2020
  • Website- [insert here]
  • Q: Will employment opportunities be offered to members of the community to help for construction?
    • A: Yes.

Updates from Councilmember and Mayor’s Offices

Representatives from each office will provide brief updates and take questions from the community.

Kelley Cislo- Handout Provided with Commissioner Updates

  • Can we get adult protective services involved for seniors who are taken advantage of by family – a work in progress currently. 
  • Captain Kim’s email address—
  • MPD.DC.GOV > Third District > District Roster > 202-276-7462
    • This is the Watch Command number and they can help figure out why a call was not acted on. Always start with 911
  • Q: Could Civic Association send a letter to request a camera move?
  • A: TBD – Need more info to substantiate a move 
  • Schools and Parking – Talking to principals of school and let them know that we are asking for increased enforcement
  • Q: What can your office to do to address DPW requests that aren’t addressed?
    • A: Send work order number to Kelley.

Dominique Chestnut –

  • Live Safe App – Mayor introduced app of District resources that give high school students access to safety resources 
  • Maternal Health Summit – to Address the district rate of maternal health
  • Mayor announces eliminate tax on diapers to promote the growth of families in the District
  • Saturday (???) Parade
  • Saturday – Art All Night event
  • Zoned Parking on Q Street not being enforced by DPW now that school is back in session- Mr. Chetsnut will follow up with DPW

ANC Commissioner Updates

Commissioners Thomas (5E05) and Lewis (5E06) will share updates from the ANC.

Bradley Thomas

  • Resolution against hate speech will be introduced – important to take a stand on things initiating violence
  • Revolution in support for Changing Tables initiative – addresses that restrooms in public areas will require new construction must include changing tables in mens rooms in addition to women’s restrooms
  • Mi Casa Development also on agenda
  • Why are there people hanging out in the community who don’t live here? – one significant factor is these young people who lived in this community at one point and they feel comfortable coming back and hanging out here  – one program coming out is Violence Interrupters 

Karla Lewis

  • 600 North Cap – on Agenda for September 17 meeting 
  • Need block captains for newsletter distribution 

Community announcement: First Love Community Collaboration Event – Miles Hollaman

Saturday, September 21 Noon – 6pm Florida Avenue Park

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