July BACA meeting cancelled


I hope you are well and enjoying, as much as possible, the summer. This has been quite a year and it is only halfway through! The July BACA meeting is cancelled, due to few agenda topics and the fact that the ANCs are not meeting until September. BACA has historically taken August off which means our next meeting will not be until September.
Given the long period between meetings, below are a few updates on items that will likely get picked back up in September.
1. The owner of The Great American Bistro would like to address the community and provide an update on the construction process at an upcoming meeting, likely September’s meeting. If you walk by the storefront at Q and New Jersey, you’ll see the construction activity and the makings of a great new neighborhood spot.
2. The residents of the 200 block of Bates Street NW are pursuing speed humps to bring the west end of the block in line with the east end, which has speed humps. Signatures and the application has been filed with DDOT, but no word has been received.
3. We have not received any new information on the requested traffic calming measures for the intersection of  First and Bates Street NW. DDOT has received the request from the ANC, but no word yet. Come October, it will be a full year since the process began to request traffic calming at this intersection.
4. Several residents have pointed out that the Florida Avenue park, which, like all city parks is closed due to the pandemic, is being accessed through a faulty security gate on the east end of the park. The exit gates at the intersection of Florida and First Street NW can be reversed allowing individuals to access the park. Lately kids have been using the park for a fireworks launch pad. The Mayor’s office and MPD have been notified.
If you, or your neighbors are in need of anything during the next few months, please reach out and I will be happy to help or connect you with someone who can.
Stay safe, be well, and trust that brighter days are ahead. Have a good Independence Day and be on the lookout for an August update.
Thank you,
Kyle Thomas,
BACA President

Washington DC 20001
(c) 202.570.2705

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