Next BACA meeting – Monday, February 1

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the President of the Bates Area Civic Association for the next 2 years along with BACA board members Omar Sedky, Naseem Kourosh, Kyle Thomas, Harold Gist, Annetta Nicholas, Kate Mavis and Rachel Rasby.

A big thank you to Kyle Thomas for all his hard work the last 4 years and to our outgoing board members Christa Wheatley, Omero Martínez and Michael McLellan.

The Bates Area Civic Association January meeting originally scheduled for Monday, January 4 is cancelled.

Please mark your calendars for next meeting scheduled Monday, February 1!

Please do reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns. My email is and my number is 202-580-9245 or you can message me through Facebook messenger.

Question, comment, or suggestion?

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