Pest Control

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American Pest Management 

Recommendation in July 2012 on BACA Facebook by Bree Hagan Koumparakis: For the past 2 years, I’ve used Orkin and they have been wonderful!

NEGATIVE Review for J.C. Ehrlich:
Recommendation in July 2012 on BACA Facebook by Bree Hagan Koumparakis: I DO NOT recommend J.C. Ehrlich. I had a terrible time getting them to show up for their appointments, even when they confirmed the day before. On one occasion, when I called to follow-up on their missed appointment, they had the audacity to tell me they treated my front and back yard, as well as the basement area and shed, even though I have none of these things.

DIY: Electronic mousetraps
Recommendation in July 2012 on BACA Facebook by Ericka Delacerna Jarboe: We use the electronic mouse trap and it’s awesome! We use peanut butter as a bait and have had great success in catching mice. We got them at Home Depot. We also have the sonic rodent repeller which we got from Costco.Not sure how effective those are but we use them all year round.