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David Whittle
202-422-3896 [number corrected]
Recommended in May 2015 by Mary Ann Hammond from Truxton Circle on NextDoor Truxton Circle: When I turned on my front spigot I found that the repair from last winter (by a master plumber) hadn’t held and water gushed from where the “repair” had been made. So, I checked recommendation on this site and went with David Whittle (202-422-38960), recommended by Mona Demarkov. Mr. Whittle is an older gentleman who has been a plumber since the 60’s (he must have been in diapers!). His work is painstaking and looks beautiful when he is finished. He had to cut into my wall so he went to Home Depot and got an access door which he installed. He taught me some tricks to try to prevent the problem. What a pleasant experience!

Recommended in May 2015 by Sean Gallagher from Truxton Circle on NextDoor Truxton Circle: David Whittle made three small plumbing repairs for me a few months back and he was a delight to work with. He takes the time to explain things and he cares about his work. I would also highly recommend him.

Recommended in October 2015 by Nelson Marr from Bloomingdale on NextDoor Truxton Circle: by giving correct phone number of 202-422-3896

Greg (master plumber) also does HVAC work from KPHCO, LLC
Recommended in May 2015 Kanika Harris Fluellen from Truxton Circle on NextDoor Truxton Circle: I use Greg (master plumber) also does HVAC work from KPHCO, LLC. He does great work, he’s straight to the point, friendly, and fair priced. He was recommended to me by other neighbors too. His number is 202 355-4646.

Keys Plumbing & Heating
master plumber is Patrick Ivy
Recommended in May 2015 and October 2015 by India Prince from LeDroit Park on NextDoor Truxton Circle: I have always used “Keys” (sp) plumbing. They have been in business for over thirty years. A family owned and operated business. The master plumber is Patrick Ivy @ 202-338-6156. Efficient, honest and reputable. You will not be disappointed “D

Mike Rich
Recommended in May 2015 by Aurora Steinle from Bloomingdale on NextDoor Truxton Circle: Mike Rich is also a really great plumber- very knowledgable, been working in this neighborhood a long time, trustworthy, and reasonably priced. His number is 301-509-2776 and his email is He helped us fix a water pressure issue and leaking drain that other plumbers could not fix.

Magnolia Plumbing
Prior recommendation from Stacey on Bloomingdale blog: I highly recommend Magnolia Plumbing.

Prior recommendation from a Flagler Pl resident:  I would HIGHLY recommend Magnolia Plumbing as well. They were very professional and offered me good rates when I had my furnace replaced. I know if I needed help on any additional HVAC or plumbing related work, I would call them first. They are very trustworthy and don’t putz around at all. Plus they offer you a written proposal/contract before they leave.

Negative review in September 2012 from Caryn: Bad review for Magnolia Plumbing.

Last week I needed a plumber and so I went to the BACA Services List (I encourage you to post service you are happy or upset with there.) There are a few good recommendations for Magnolia Plumbing so I called them.

I was very disappointed with the service and with the outrageous prices and diagnostics of the problem and wanted to let neighbors know. I had one potentially big problem with leaking from the bathroom upstairs through the ceiling downstairs. I took advantage of the fact that I was calling a professional plumber to check some other minor issues. I’m glad I did because I knew they were minor problems so when they diagnosed them with major price tags, I declined on all the service but one. In total, the service would have cost me around a $1000 for what my handyman could do for I’d guess a$200-300. Issues follow along with what the technician diagnosed as the problem and price tag. I also add what my handyman came in and did as a follow up.

1) Loose faucet in the sink – not leaking. Needed tightening. Diagnosis: the grip under the sink is rusted and Magnolia does not have the part, so new sink faucet will cost $452. My handyman Mhamed replaced the rusted grip.

2.) Downstairs toilet, had to push handle far down before it would begin flushing, but working and not leaking. Diagnosis: Toilet flapper isn’t the right fit, needs replacement. New flapper costs $189. My handyman adjusted the length of the chain on the flapper.

3.) Leak in the “pea trap” of the bathroom sink upstairs. This I had Magnolia fix so tenants would have at least one bathroom without any issues. Cost $123

4.) Leak in the wall from upstairs bathroom. Diagnosis from Magnolia: uncertain of the problem, but cutting into the wall just to diagnose the problem will cost $189 and Magnolia doesn’t reseal the wall. My handyman cut into the wall, found another leaking pea trap, fixed it, put a panel on the wall to be able to re-access the space.

Mike Reid 
(202) 577-1114
Two prior recommendations from Eckington listserv:  “I used him.  He came right away and fixed the problem.” and also “We have used Mike Reid as well, and found him to be prompt, competent and professional.”

(As of November 2015, the last post was in May 2011 on the Bloomingdale listerv, but indicates that the poster found him 4 years before that:

2 thoughts on “Plumbers

  1. Mike Reid has done work for me in the past & I found him to be honest & reliable. That phone number has been disconnected and I found my way to this page as I’m looking to hire him to do more work for me. If anybody has a current phone number for him, please post it. Thanks.

  2. Just worked with Keys Plumbing & Heating and had a wonderful experience. Would highly recommend them!

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