ANC5c making a list of infrastucture needs

Update:  Last night (Mar 12) Commissioner Bonds showed us a matrix of repairs in ANC 5c01 and 5c02 that she intends to submit to this master list. She also sought input for other projects.  I will try to get and post this matrix here. In the meantime reply below or email the commissioner directly if you have a suggested repair.

According to the Eckington listserv, the March 17 meeting of the ANC5C (find info here and the agenda for the meeting here),  will be creating a “master list of infrastructure needs to be shared with the appropriate DC governmental agency for action.”

Commissioner Bonds is holding a meeting tomorrow night. This could be a good topic for discussion.

Please take the opportunity to leave a comment below with any repairs that you suggest for our neighborhood.

Suggested items include but are not limited to:

  1. Sidewalk repairs, dead trees and empty tree boxes, pot holes and pavement problems.
  2. Alleys and roadway re-paving
  3. Safely issues such as signage,speed bumps, rumble strips, enhanced cross walks and streetlights
  4. street side trash containers and illegal trash dump sites, storm drains

Please state the address of the needed changes accurately, for instance: “The sidewalk on the south side of S street NE between North Capital street and Lincoln rd Ne needs to be replaced due to buckling and temporary patches.”

If you can take a picture of your suggested repair that would also be helpful.

3 thoughts on “ANC5c making a list of infrastucture needs

  1. The sidewalk in front of the house that had the fire last year on the 1500 block of 3rd St NW needs to be repaired.

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