Support a dog park near Bundy field

I got the following email from Martin, who seeks support for a dog park on the currently concrete lot near Bundy Field, near 5th and P St. This is not the field, but the currently gated parking lot. My guess is that it is in line with the city’s Green initiatives to do away with so much concrete. I’d be interested to hear from Martin or others if the Friends of Bundy has consulted the city on this space. I see that are also beginning to renovate the Bundy building to put in a child abuse center there. I wonder if the dog park would be a hard sell with that sort of a center there, and a school across the street?

Speaking for myself as a resident, and not for the Bates Civic Assn, I support a dog park there. But I think there’d be some resistance elsewhere.

Hello! Thanks for the mention on your blog on June 4. We’d love for more BACA citizens to chime in with their support (or concerns) about our project by signing our petition.


Friends of Bundy Supporter

7 thoughts on “Support a dog park near Bundy field

  1. From what I understand, this idea has been floating around for many months if not years, and proponents have been working with the city (primarily Dept of Parks and Rec) and ANC Commissioners in Ward 2. I am assuming that they have started to gain momentum and thus are ready to enlist broad community support, or at least have community dialogue. I hope people evaluate this seriously– the lot is a disgrace and should be put to productive use. I don’t think Safe Shores will need to utilize it for their own purposes. And this proposal does not infringe upon the athletic fields– in fact, it should help ensure that no dog owners sneak onto the athletic fields and mess them up.

  2. The application for a dog park is being reviewed by DPR. The Friends are making their way around to local community meetings to gain support and answer questions. They were at the ANC6C meeting last night.

    A while back, former DPR Director Clark Ray informed the local ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapple that the vacant lot was Federal land left for DPR to manage. It was supposed to be used for recreational space serving the community, not a parking lot. Neither the Mayor’s office or Ward 2 CM Jack Evans’ office have identified any transfer of the property to Safe Shores ( which will be moving into the Bundy School Building in October(?) this year. Contractors have been using the lot temporarily for staging and parking.

    The Friends hope to solve the decades old problem of competition on the Bundy Athletic Fields between people and dogs. Weekend sports teams and students at the Scott Montgomery School and KIPP:WILL Academy (on the north side of P St) who use the fields daily are always running into “dog bombs” on the field. This irks parents who are forced to do the extra loads of laundry and clean shoes “every day.” Sadly, a just few irresponsible dog owners have ruined the athletic fields for more responsible dog owners, who pick up behind their pets, and everyone else.

    Creating a specific place for dogs at Bundy is something many students and parents at the local schools have already expressed support for. The Friends of Bundy Park are trying to increase their support among local residents among those who own dogs and those who don’t. With DPR approval, and local community support, Bundy Park could become a great place for people and pets. Kids have actually expressed excitement about the possibility of a nearby dog park because friendly dogs, like many animals, can be very entertaining for children.

    The City already has plans drawn up for the park at NJ and O St, directly across from the Bundy School building to get a very nice children’s park. Now that’s it’s new early child development and gymnasium annex has been completed, Scott Montgomery will be getting a lot of new children’s play equipment along with more landscaping around the annex and parking areas.

    1. Are the City’s plans for a park at NJ and O available anywhere, online or otherwise? That is great to hear– that space is poorly used right now.

  3. The vacant lot that everyone wants to turn into a dog park has been and continues to be parking for the occupants of the Bundy School Building. I have spoken to Safe Shores, MPD, and Child and Family Services. There will be 50-60 full-time staff of which many will need parking. The social workers and MPD will need cars readily available to serve clients. Currently they serve 850 clients annually and will expand the number of clients they serve because the new space is larger. They need parking space for staff, volunteers and clients. Currently there is no other parking space available except for the current parking lot behind Bundy that has always served as parking for the occupants of the Bundy Building. In effect parking would have to be transferred to the residential streets for this agency if we chose to take their current parking to make a Dog Park.

  4. On the issue of the Bundy parking lot, Councilman Jack Evans responded as such on the Shaw list serv:

    Actually, you and schannette exchanged several e mails and I have been following the e mail traffic. I have been focused on the crime bill esp the gang provisions and the convention ctr hotel, both very important to shaw. Also the new revenue estimates were released today creating a 190 million problem this year. I have worked closely with neighbors at shaw junior hs to create a dog park and at 17th and s st to create one. It is important to follow the process and submit an application as schannette explained to you. I noted in one e mail that you were told the parking lot was federal land in a presentation in 2007. I suggest we all talk further and discuss how to proceed. Jack

  5. Another comment from a resident:

    As a direct next door resident, there are close to 100 parking spaces at that lot in question !!!

    To they really need that many? If so, why not do something for all?

    Dig and place the parking under and have the green space above… I was under impression that DC and its GOV are going GREEN!!

    For starters, Fix the Fence, Maintain the Area, Address the Citizens Concerns (highest tax payers in country) and Questions, then do something like this.

    Safeshores were kind to make false promises and say they would be a good neighbor, but after all they showed they true color.

    Numerous calls, and year worth of emails regarding, safety, security and other issues never responded (have an archive to show)

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