Speaking of concrete…

… (last post and then I swear i’m on vacation)… What is going on with the ANEC Annex lot of empty buildings on the southwest corner of NJ and P St?  It just got new asphalt laid by the city. But isn’t that a private lot?   The buildings look much more haggard now that the asphalt is all clean.  Just wondering – anybody know anything about it?  It’s such a great spot for retail.  I have high hopes for that area for the future.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of concrete…

  1. The owners of the New Covenant Evangelistic Center (NCEC) Annex (and the nearby church and a few of the row houses on NJ Ave) requested that the City repave the area in front of the building which is public space, not private property. They were hoping the city would lay beautiful brick, but they got ugly black asphalt. That’s going to be hard to walk on in the heat of August. Careful what you ask the City for. …

    I’m really hoping they sell it to a visionary restauranteur who turns the space into outdoor seating. There’s not a lot of parking, but wide sidewalks directly up NJ Ave from the Capitol could make it as nice as 16th Street is now.

  2. That’s a real bummer. Is the church actively trying to sell the property, now that it’s valued at almost $1 million? They have been sitting on it for quite some time, though it hasn’t been classified as vacant.

  3. That’s ok – it matches the asphalt of all the parking spaces they take up along New Jersey Avenue every day (and night).

  4. that space would be so much better as a nicely decorated lawn.

    since it is district-owned (public) property, shouldn’t it be against city policy to pave it? wasa is now charging higher water rates for properties with higher amounts of impervious surface. by laying asphalt, DC is making it so this property has to have a higher water bill, right?

  5. It would seem that it is the District’s easement. The District has an easement on most front yards across the city. I reasonable record search done by someone with extra free time might produce the definition of what it is. Maybe it could become a skate park.

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