DCGOV responds on Bundy Parking lot

This from the Shaw list:

June 22, 2009

Subject: Vacant Lot Adjacent to 429 O Street, NW (the former Bundy School)

Dear Shaw Community Members:

In response to concerns regarding the future usage of the land parcel north of 429 O Street, NW, the Office of Property Management (OPM) would like to provide you with our future plans for the site. As part of the FY 2010 budget, the Administration has requested a federal land transfer for the lot adjacent to 429 O Street, NW (the former Bundy School). Currently, the lot is being used by the construction contractors renovating the Bundy School. The project is part of the District’s continuing effort to become a model jurisdiction by expanding its service capacity through the construction of Safe Shores, the DC Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC).

The construction and renovation at the site is slated to be completed in October 2009. Subsequently, staff from the US Attorney’s Office (USAO), Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) and the non-profit Safe Shores/DC CAC will begin move-in and begin operations of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), as required by federal child welfare laws. These co-located agencies will be providing services to children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Parking has historically been an issue at the former Bundy School site. As recent as 2004, the Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration (MRDDA), within the District Department of Human Services (DHS), was located at 429 O Street, NW. During that time, vehicles utilized the parking space in question adjacent to the Bundy School. Residential parking surrounds the property and Scott Montgomery Elementary school and the KIPP WILL Academy have also created additional parking constraints.

In addition, there are important reasons why dedicated parking is needed for this facility, rather than street parking. First, the confidential nature of the MDT’s/Safe Shores’ work and the need for clients to have access to relatively discreet parking behind the building, as opposed to only having access to the building via sparse street parking or public transportation. Second, a key purpose of co-location is to facilitate joint field investigations by MPD and CFSA, which requires immediate access to vehicles and adequate parking on site. Due to these parking constraints and issues, when the vacant parcel in question is transferred to the District, it will be used as parking for staff, volunteers, and clients of MPD, OAG, CFSA, US Attorney’s Office and Safe Shores, who are all part of the Child Advocacy Center at Safe Shores.

We hope that we have answered any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the former Bundy School site plans. Please feel free to contact June Chokechaitanasin, OPM Project Manager, if you have further questions or concerns. She can be reached at june.choke@dc. gov.


Robin-Eve Japer, Director
Office of Property Management

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