July 5th Neighborhood Clean-Up

From Pete on Bates:

Greetings Neighbors! The 4th of July celebrations and fireworks can

sometimes make for quite a mess on July 5th. Anyone interested in
joining me for a post-holiday clean-up?? Let’s not let days go by and
wait for the street-sweepers to clean up the holiday debris.

Neighborhood Clean-Up Details

Where – Bates Area – We would need someone from each block to rally
neighbors. Bates is in!

When – July 5th – Sunday – Future clean-ups will NOT occur on Sundays
as I understand the various obligations people have. This is just the
result of the way the 4th falls this year.

Time – 10am – 12pm

Meeting Place – 1st and Pst NW

Equipment – I am contacting Helping Hands today. You may want to bring
your own gloves. I will supply a few cases of water.

Let me know what you all think


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