Hill Rag: ANC 6C’s vote to support Bundy dog park

The August 2009 Hill Rag is now out. Each month , there is a report from each of Ward 6’s four ANC’s.  Here is an item from the ANC 6C report regarding the Bundy School at 400 P St NW (which is located in Ward 2.)

Commissioners Support Bundy Compromise

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C took a carefully worded stance on a proposal to build a dog park at Bundy Park at 400 P St. NW.

Although the site is in Ward 2, it is adjacent to ANC 6C, and commissioners chose to share their thoughts with city officials as the dog park proposal moves forward.  The commission voted unanimously “to support the constituents in the community” who want to see a compromise for the site that includes a dog park and other uses.

The District Office of Property Management (OPM) is intending to use the site for parking for the closed Bundy School. DC-based nonprofit Safe Shores and some city agencies are planning to operate out of the school and would use the parking lot.  Martin Moulton, a representative of the organization pushing for a dog park, Friends of Bundy, said that OPM’s proposed parking lot is much larger than it needs to be.

“We estimate that about 100 employees could fit on this lot, and we don’t think they need that kind of parking,” he said, adding that any parking lot with more than 75 spots would take up enough of the site to rule out a dog park.

He also said that the crime problems present now on the site would likely continue under OPM’s plan because the area would be vacant after office hours. If a dog park were built on the site, Moulton said Friends of Bundy would try to raise money to install lighting and increase safety at the park.

Commissioners seemed to side with dog park proponents, and some said that they should almost always support efforts to add park space on open land instead of building a parking lot.

“When there’s a question of paving over more land, we should be opposed,” Commissioner Tom Hamilton said.

Commissioner Anne Phelps expressed concerns about taking a strong stand on an issue outside the ANC’s jurisdiction. However, she helped to draft the approved resolution calling for a compromise on the matter.  The commission sent a copy of their letter to OPM and city officials.  OPM also held a public forum on the Bundy site in July.

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