Flower Power 2010!

The Bates Area Civic Association will be having another Flower Power Walk this year and people are needed to help out. Hopefully, the walk will take place on a Saturday in late June, so what will be needed are people to volunteer to give tours. Before that can occur volunteers will be needed to get the word out, help with signage (producing) and volunteering to host a sign. If this interests you contact Flower Power at bacaflowerpower@gmail.com or contact Marie over at her Inshaw blog.

This event is really a big job, so please, if you can volunteer for one or more things, drop a line!

And huge thanks to Marie for heading up the organizing committee!

4 thoughts on “Flower Power 2010!

  1. Late June is a bit late for flower power as I have begun spending to improve my treebox and other landscaping! Moreover, planned,out of town, trips and or vacations are on the horizon!

  2. Can you please explain what this event is? I’m newish to the neighborhood and wasn’t around for this last year.

  3. Hi Jess, this is a neighborhood beutification effort and also a contest in the neighborhood of people’s yards. We have beautification/planting events leading up to it, and it culminates in a Garden walk through. Awards are given out for best front/back/small/big/medium sized yards. We’ve always gotten pretty good participation. I can’t remember if you nominate yourself or if people nominate you. I’m sure more details will be forthcoming. Marie is trying to get a team together to begin the organizing. It’s also a fundraiser – people buy tickets to be a part of the garden walk through. Last year there was also a bbq or lunch at the end but I’m not sure if we’ll do that again. You can search through the blog to find info on last year’s event, but stay tuned as info comes out for this year!

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