2 thoughts on “What’s going on at 4th and Florida, NW?

  1. Although it looks like a big building it is actually deceptive because of the lot configuration (a triangle). On the 4th street side the building is only one room wide. The “building” is probably about 4,000 square feet total. I believe that there will be four apartments and each will probably be less than 1,000 sq feet.

  2. I disagree, I have been inside this building and it is much larger than it looks from the street. The MJ poster must have the building confused with another or has not yet been inside to see the space. I also disagree that they ar making condo or apt units here. It will either be a single home with perhaps a legal rental unit below, or it may be office space. I think office space. I could be wrong, too, but I’m prety sure that it is not 4 small units for planned. Sounds like MJ might be a soured developer who missed the chance to get this one.
    In any case, what a beautfil improvement to the neighborhood. Hopefully Ms. Moss approves.

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