LeDroit Park resident in photo show

I like highlighting artists in our midst.  So thanks to Scott Roberts for circulating this:

You’re invited!

LeDroit Park resident and photographer, Mark Silva, is being featured as part of a group photography show on Tuesday, April 27 (starting at 7PM) at Social Restaurant, 1400 Meridian Place, NW. The show is part of a campaign, “Portraits of DC,”  sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH), FotoWeek DC, and the DC Counts Campaign (DCCC) to raise awareness and to encourage District citizens to participate in the 2010 Census. Two of the photos selected for the campaign are of individuals in our Bloomingdale/ LeDroit Park community: Genevieve Villamora, a barista at the Big Bear Cafe, and Liz Falk, Director and co-Founder of Common Good City Farm.

“Portraits of DC”  is more than just faces on paper, it is about the authentic canvas of the New 202 through the lens of District residents. The images captured reflected a refreshing look at DC youth, recently naturalized citizens, artists, elders and uniformed police officers. The District has such a unique history that is unparalleled by any other place in the world. Its residents come from every place on the map and every strata of the socio-economic spectrum. Portraits of DC is our attempt to capture the evolving diversity of DC and reinforce the importance of the 2010 Census count.

View all 51 photos here: http://issuu.com/thedcarts/docs/portraitsofdc

View Mark Silva`s Photography here: http://www.marksilvaphoto.com

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